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Created by jmsparrow

The Singularity Directive by tomkhatt

Maya's fascination with the Singularity would lead her down an unforeseen path. The harmony of Luminar was put to test while its balance faced challenges as well. As Maya delved deeper into understanding this phenomenon, she discovered that there were more layers than initially thought - and they had far-reaching implications for our world today! This journey has only just begun for Maya but it will undoubtedly change how we view things forevermore. Are you ready? Join us on this exciting adventure!

The Perfect Crime by Euphrates26
2035/5 (1)01

Mary remembered the cake her mother baked yesterday and started to skip with anticipation, when something jerked her backward and covered her mouth.

A voice whispered close to her ear, “Make a sound and your mother will die. She’s in my van, and any noise from you will make my friend slice her throat.”


The Awakening Of The Earth Dragon by patshannon50
1115/5 (1)01

A mysterious sound emerges from a dimly lit room early one morning. An ancient wooden box engraved with Chinese characters starts shaking on a counter. Under the battered and scratched surface, centuries of secrets lie waiting. Its hinges creak as it reveals a book inside, a brown leather cover engraved with strange symbols. The cover flips open, and one by one, pages of thin papyrus fold over.

Trembling fills the room, warning of what lies ahead. Letters dance from the pages into the air, weaving the words: The Dilong Awakens. A cold mist engulfs the space. Seconds later, a golden key emerges and floats in the air. A sudden whirlwind of snow closes the book with a bang. The lid of the wooden box follows and catches the golden key on its surface.


Fire Of Revenge by YogeshBhatt
1485/5 (1)02

Latecomers board the Boeing 737, its engines warming up. It is six o’clock in the morning. The plane gets ready for an early departure from Inverness to London.

Dr. Richard Cowdell checks his wristwatch more than once, oblivious to the intense gaze of the woman sitting next to him. A brilliant sunrise paints the sky orange and the runway sparkles. But nature’s colourful display fails to impress him.


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