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The Lady by lakecat

You have had your bath. You are in your bed. The sheets were just washed and they smell fresh and clean. The moonlight is making shadows on the ceiling. You hear noises.

The Diary of Fluffy by lakecat

Waiting for Two Legs to come home. Food bowl is empty. This shall not be tolerated. Perhaps if I stare at the door.

When the furless one comes in she will be reminded of the empty food bowl in thw kitchen. She will be overcome with remorse and rush to fill it.


Draknor: Curse of Agrata  by MercenaryBlade
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

The sea captain eyed his unusual passenger as the ship pulled into port. “Agratta tis little more than a barren wasteland bordered by the sea with craggy rocks and bandits. Why do you wish to disembark there?”


The Ginger Nuts and The Pirate Cats by Counttigger

In our beloved English Lake District, there are often potential controversies to be navigated through, concerning the differing views and requirements of those who live and work there and the huge influx of tourists, the vast majority of whom are respectable, caring people. This has been going on for a few hundred years.

Erskin's Quest by AchillMous
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

Ersking decided to Invoke Darkness and Nothingness without counterbalancing. Exclaiming an invocation was literally cursing someone. Counterbalance was always like a rope against infinity and too many and dire repercussions of such Invocations.

However, Ersking aimed to levitate once and for all the two Contrary Forces which resided in his heart and tormented his spirit. He decided against Counterbalance and aspired to send towards Mirk Manor and Azure Kingdom all the pain, the foulness and the terror which he unjustly endured.


Cardie and Me: An Epic Poem About Growing up in Tasmania with my Dog by Elysha
CompletePremium StoryPaid StoryHistorical

By Iola Mary Ballard (In Loving Memory)

With this epic poem, step into the untamed beauty of Tasmania, Australia where innocence and adventure intertwine.


The Lit Up Sky by maya_writ3ss
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

A fantasy story with hints of greek mythology. It follows two teen girls who have been sent on a quest by Artemis. The goddess is trying to see whether they are worth joining her huntresses. Something unplanned happens during their quest.

Herodian Archaeology: Agrippa I of Roman Judaea by Elysha
Premium StoryPaid StoryHistorical

Unearth the secrets of Agrippa I, the enigmatic last ruler of Roman Judaea. In this captivating exploration, Elizabeth Legge delves into archaeological evidence, revealing how Agrippa’s reign intersected with Hellenistic, Roman, and Judaic influences. From hidden sites in the Negev frontier to the multicultural tapestry of his kingdom, Legge paints a vivid picture of Agrippa’s world. Discover the clash of cultures, the architectural marvels, and the tantalizing mysteries that shaped this pivotal era. First published by the University of Pisa, this self-published edition invites you on a journey through time.


The Nether Veils by ianhalldixon
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

A true story?

Recounted to the author by those who knew the lead character before his disappearance.

The Tale of the Bullpuss by Counttigger
745/5 (1)00

Bullpuss is to accompany his Young Mistress when she returns for her second year at University. He is a young Norwegian Forest cat just leaving kittenhood. Samantha, his Young Mistress, is facing a difficult time with the breakdown of her parents' family life. She copes very badly with everything and lets her cat down. She abandons her course and her pet cat.

The majority of her fellow students in the shared private accommodation are too selfish to take any responsibility. Bullpuss seeks friends and allies from the local pet population together with selected wild animals.


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