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Clash of the Gods

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Patricia Shannon

Clash of the Gods by patshannon50
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Massive clouds of gas and dust formed the wondrous heavenly body named Planocia. Material from the universe settled on the newborn star since it drifted through the galaxy, far, far away, beyond the reach of time.

Long before the gods emerged, the land and sea were one. The forest spirits were the first beings to appear from the trees on Planocia. Soon after, water spirits materialized. The forest and ocean became two halves of a whole.

Over the long term, the planet became a sanctuary for mythical creatures - birds with the brightest colours and astonishing animals. A tropical paradise with extensive emerald green, lush forests, sapphire blue oceans, and towering mountains.


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Patricia van den Busken aka Patricia Shannon

My name is Patricia Shannon, born Patricia van den Busken in 1957 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am a versatile author, and I collaborated with writer Yogesh Bhatt from India to create the romance novel Dangerous Love Spindle. My literary journey spans children’s books, a thrilling tale called A Cunning Liaison (based on real-life events), and Dutch novels and stories. Under the banner of ShannYog Creations, I invite readers to explore fantasy realms teeming with creatures, wizards, and fairies. Yogesh Bhatt is my co-writer for ShannYog Creations. 

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