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My name is Patricia Shannon, born Patricia van den Busken in 1957 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am a versatile author, and I collaborated with writer Yogesh Bhatt from India to create the romance novel Dangerous Love Spindle. My literary journey spans children’s books, a thrilling tale called A Cunning Liaison (based on real-life events), and Dutch novels and stories. Under the banner of ShannYog Creations, I invite readers to explore fantasy realms teeming with creatures, wizards, and fairies. Yogesh Bhatt is my co-writer for ShannYog Creations. 

's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Clash of the Gods by patshannon50
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge
5555/5 (1)01

Massive clouds of gas and dust formed the wondrous heavenly body named Planocia. Material from the universe settled on the newborn star since it drifted through the galaxy, far, far away, beyond the reach of time.

Long before the gods emerged, the land and sea were one. The forest spirits were the first beings to appear from the trees on Planocia. Soon after, water spirits materialized. The forest and ocean became two halves of a whole.


The Awakening Of The Earth Dragon by patshannon50
1115/5 (1)01

A mysterious sound emerges from a dimly lit room early one morning. An ancient wooden box engraved with Chinese characters starts shaking on a counter. Under the battered and scratched surface, centuries of secrets lie waiting. Its hinges creak as it reveals a book inside, a brown leather cover engraved with strange symbols. The cover flips open, and one by one, pages of thin papyrus fold over.

Trembling fills the room, warning of what lies ahead. Letters dance from the pages into the air, weaving the words: The Dilong Awakens. A cold mist engulfs the space. Seconds later, a golden key emerges and floats in the air. A sudden whirlwind of snow closes the book with a bang. The lid of the wooden box follows and catches the golden key on its surface.


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