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In Search of Bacon by LindaTheNotSoCrazyCatLady
6395/5 (14)00

Gina begins her Bacon Quest.

Embarrassing Feline Moments by LindaTheNotSoCrazyCatLady
6155/5 (9)00

Gina shares one of her embarrassing moments and invites her friends to tell their own embarrassing stories.

This is a collaborative "book" and all are invited to create and add a chapter telling their own embarrassing feline story.


Dark Ages: Clint - The Early Years (A Cowboy Gangster mini-series) by amsnead
MaturePremium StoryPaid StoryActionThriller
7765/5 (6)00

In the gripping and haunting novel "Dark Ages," witness the relentless descent of thirteen-year-old Johnny (a.k.a. Clint “the cowboy” Maddox) into a world of darkness and despair. Struggling to cope with the tragic loss of his beloved Donny, Johnny finds solace in the company of a loyal mutt, his sole ally in an unforgiving city.


Feline Communication by LindaTheNotSoCrazyCatLady
3025/5 (6)00

Communication is key!

Gina tells us how cats communicate and she gives us a handy guide to "Gina-speak".


The Owls and the Pussycats by LindaTheNotSoCrazyCatLady
4605/5 (4)00

Gina reports on her observations about owls and her plans to unite the felines of the household in a mission to evict the resident Morepork.

This is a collaborative story and you're welcome to join in, create a chapter, and suggest the most creative ways to achieve the objectives of the mission.

Forever & Again  by SongBirdWrites
CompleteMaturePremium StoryPaid StoryContemporaryRomance
5465/5 (3)00

High school sweethearts Vanessa and Bryce lost touch after graduation, their young love unable to survive the test of long distance. Thirty years later, a chance encounter reunites them at a Jamaica resort. The sparks between them quickly reignite, even stronger than before. 


The Second Pass  by Smudge_Writes
1.39K5/5 (2)00

On the 13th of June 1944, just one week following the successful invasion of the Normandy beach landings, the Third Reich unleashes the first of their terrifying Vengeance weapons. The V1 flying a bomb.

These early cruise missiles travel across the channel too fast for Allied fighters to intercept where they deliver their massive payloads straight into British cities packed with civilians. Casualties are horrendous. The terror of the blitz once again ensnares the British people.


The Comet Crew  by TeamPanic
CompletePremium StoryPaid StoryAdventureSci-Fi
1.30K5/5 (2)00

A galaxy in turmoil! COPSTY's long feud with the Space Pirates is nearing its end. With all but a handful of Pirates dealt with, a lone crew attempts to find a mysterious energy source that could save the Pirates. With time running out, will the intrepidus Comet Crew prevail?

The Everwood Detectives and the Quantum Mystery by Themagicpen
3345/5 (2)00

In the quiet hallways of Everwood High, a group of friends stumbles upon a mystery that threatens to unravel their entire school. Emily, Jake, Mia, and Alex form the Everwood Detectives, embarking on a daring adventure to uncover the truth behind whispered rumors, strange noises, and a hidden device of unimaginable power. As they delve deeper, they uncover secrets that lead them to a covert scientific project and a teacher's desperate attempts to protect them all. Faced with danger and deception, the friends must rely on their wits and each other to uncover the truth and save their school from disaster.

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