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That Which is Hidden

A Dance of Shadows and Secrets

In the shadow of ancient Greece, Thalia flees her past as a coerced oracle, seeking refuge in Lydia with her enigmatic protector, Kratos. But who is Kratos really? And how much can she trust him? Their evolving relationship intertwines with the rise of Cyrus of Persia, espionage, and a quest to unmask a hidden cabal mastermind. As secrets unravel, Thalia grapples with echoes from her time as an oracle -- a haunting connection that leads them to Delphi itself.


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About Author

Elyse DeBarre

Hi, I'm an archaeologist and medical student with a Master's in Classical Archaeology focussing on Roman archaeology. I'm publishing a few nonfictional archaeological and ancient historical articles and books, mostly related to ancient Rome, and I'm also writing a few historical novels concurrently: most of these take place in the Roman Empire and Republic but one of them takes place in ancient Greece and Persia during the events leading up to the Persian war you are probably familiar with from the movie, 300. I like many things, including music composing, international travel, hiking, long-distance cycling and dancing. I'm Australian, living in Europe.

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