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For cat jazz fans.

Louisa's Ginger Nuts series of humorous cat books are lavishly illustrated and aimed at a wide range of children's reading abilities. This story is specially for the older parent reading to a child, since the jokes require a knowledge of the jazz pantheon and songs from the Great American Song-book.

The tale is set in Lyme Regis, a handsome Dorset seaside resort on the English Channel and features some new cat characters, mainly Clawed and Ginger-Ginger who are delighted to find that the famous Ginger Nuts jazz band, featuring Bullpuss on double-bass, Squimps on piano and Mungo Jerrycan on baritone saxophone are booked to appear in the town as part of the jazz festival. Cameo appearances are made by Captain Bullpuss, whom we first met in Book 2, "More Fun With The Ginger Nuts" and Benson, drummer with the jazz band. Having got on so well with the farm and barn cats as related in Book 4, "Cats At The Cottage", the Ginger Nuts always looked forward to the next trip to Cumbria, to renew friendships with Benson and his family and exchange anecdotes. The story included below is Benson's reply to hearing all about how the Ginger Nuts met Bobby Bunny and his croquet loving Old Mistress.


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