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The Pookies Re-enactment Society

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Mr Squimps Shop, Manchester, England

The Pookies Re-enactment Society by Counttigger
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I imagined cats, both domestic and feral, organising groups of special interest, to broaden their horizons, meeting with cats of a similar mind and disposition and arranging trips out with their friends and acquaintances. This particular society, which is so popular that subsets or chapters are arranged to cater for the numbers applying, specialises in visits where, with neat pre-planning, the felines can re-enact historical moments of significance.

It is also a good opportunity for an aspiring artist to “run-out” standalone illustrations which can then be fitted into a story.

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Peter Brighouse

An ancient GrandPig keen to entertain his grandchildren, ETPB (4 years) and KJLB (6 months).


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