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The Arrival Gate by Themagicpen
615/5 (1)00

A young woman works at an airport and notices the same person waiting in "arrivals" every week. Each time, they leave alone. One day, she musters the courage to ask who they are waiting for. They reply they are waiting for her...

The Kit from Red Bank by Counttigger

For cat jazz fans


Ruby, The KitBots and the Mice by Counttigger
1.26K5/5 (1)00

KitBots are smaller versions of the robotic CatBots, organised by the Space Lynxes, whose intergalactic mission is to visit planets holding representatives of Feline life, to check on their well-being.

Advice can be given, information exchanged and the Catbots and KitBots report regularly to the Space Lynxes on the success of their mission.

The Lit Up Sky by maya_writ3ss
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

A fantasy story with hints of greek mythology. It follows two teen girls who have been sent on a quest by Artemis. The goddess is trying to see whether they are worth joining her huntresses. Something unplanned happens during their quest.

The secret place by jseagull11
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge
9745/5 (1)00

“Well, were am I? And were shall we go?”

“You have been trapped in a maze, beyond space or time. Your goal is to get to the maze ’s exit without getting killed. And I am going to guide you”.


The Diary of Fluffy by lakecat

Waiting for Two Legs to come home. Food bowl is empty. This shall not be tolerated. Perhaps if I stare at the door.

When the furless one comes in she will be reminded of the empty food bowl in thw kitchen. She will be overcome with remorse and rush to fill it.


The Ginger Nuts and The Pirate Cats by Counttigger
1245/5 (1)00

In our beloved English Lake District, there are often potential controversies to be navigated through, concerning the differing views and requirements of those who live and work there and the huge influx of tourists, the vast majority of whom are respectable, caring people. This has been going on for a few hundred years.

The Tale of the Bullpuss by Counttigger
2735/5 (1)00

Bullpuss is to accompany his Young Mistress when she returns for her second year at University. He is a young Norwegian Forest cat just leaving kittenhood. Samantha, his Young Mistress, is facing a difficult time with the breakdown of her parents' family life. She copes very badly with everything and lets her cat down. She abandons her course and her pet cat.

The majority of her fellow students in the shared private accommodation are too selfish to take any responsibility. Bullpuss seeks friends and allies from the local pet population together with selected wild animals.


Guinea Pig Gang by Counttigger

Abandoned and escaped guinea pigs demonstrate their rodent heritage and locate and adapt suitable quarters almost in the wild, but not quite.

Allotments, disused garages and sheds provide ample cover and shelter for enterprising animals, who are amazed when the cats from Louisa's Ginger Nuts find them and actually offer to help.

The Pookies Re-enactment Society by Counttigger

I imagined cats, both domestic and feral, organising groups of special interest, to broaden their horizons, meeting with cats of a similar mind and disposition and arranging trips out with their friends and acquaintances. This particular society, which is so popular that subsets or chapters are arranged to cater for the numbers applying, specialises in visits where, with neat pre-planning, the felines can re-enact historical moments of significance.

It is also a good opportunity for an aspiring artist to “run-out” standalone illustrations which can then be fitted into a story.

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