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The Queen Bee by jmsparrow

Joan’s honeybee colonies evolve intelligence higher than ordinary bees, and though most of the colonies are gentle, some become unacceptably aggressive.


Becoming by jscottlewis

Little Sakura, emaciated, her eyes bright but sunken, stood beneath the cherry blossom tree. It was the only tree on the long block, its fragrant pink blossoms just beginning to open in the gray bowels of the city. Sakura looked up at the tree, and seeing a low-lying branch, grabbed it with her frail hand and inhaled its scent. It was sweet and real, but marred at least a little by the tinny smell of the smog that hung like a shadow in the air and coated the blossoms. Sakura gently blew, just like her grandmother had showed her how, and the fine silver dust gathered and flew like a fairy away from the blossoms.  ...

The Singularity Directive by tomkhatt

Maya's fascination with the Singularity would lead her down an unforeseen path. The harmony of Luminar was put to test while its balance faced challenges as well. As Maya delved deeper into understanding this phenomenon, she discovered that there were more layers than initially thought - and they had far-reaching implications for our world today! This journey has only just begun for Maya but it will undoubtedly change how we view things forevermore. Are you ready? Join us on this exciting adventure!

A.R.I.A. by CamRoze

American military intelligence go forth to develop the first Artificial Intelligence Army, entirely run on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics capability. The A.R.I.A. unit was born. The last excursion left the leader, Unit M0N4 or Mona, was severely damaged. See the adventure from her perspective as she gathers her army for the fight against the Russian Invasions.

The Badlands: Kinship by CamRoze



New Begining by Mikes79
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

The road ahead was a line straight as an arrow. The thin line of the road led to nothingness. The car would be out of power before he reached anything. As expected, it slowed to a halt, looking in all directions. Only cactus and brambles appeared in all directions. It was a perfect place to die!

Mr. Violence Begins by MovieGuyVic

Mr. Violence is about An Angel named Raphael whose main brothers are Micheal, Gabriel, and Samael aka Lucifer, and their main sister Jophiel who betrayed his big brother Samael by stabbing him in the back literally during the battle of heaven which causes Samael and his fellow angels get cast out into oblivion which becomes Hell. Centuries after That Raphael would be a guardian to watch over some of the humans on Earth but after centuries of watching human suffering. In 32 B.C Raphael would get involved in the lives of the humans he was supposed to watch. He decided to deal with the threat which was the Romans and the Emperor he would exact vengeance on them. He would make an alter-ego for himself a masked man called Mr.Violence. Throughout the centuries and decades, he would kill Kings, Warriors, Vampires, and Demons and would become a King of Britain at one time and King of the Pirates aka King of the Sea. In the 1980s He would become an F.B.I agent and would take on Serial Killers and many more

The secret place by jseagull11
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge
9755/5 (1)00

“Well, were am I? And were shall we go?”

“You have been trapped in a maze, beyond space or time. Your goal is to get to the maze ’s exit without getting killed. And I am going to guide you”.


Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

His destiny was tethered to the mere sounding of an order and the spilling of blood and for the briefest of instances he fancied himself a god, a god of war who had the power create and destroy with the mere speaking of words or a flourish of his hand. The thought was both terrible and intoxicating and he found he could get used to such a sentiment. "Fate, how fondly I look upon thy countenance."

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