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The Princess' Destiny

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Yogesh Bhatt

The Princess' Destiny by YogeshBhatt
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In this world, some people have to suffer painful lives and devastating fates. In a vast kingdom, an innocent princess hides such a painful story. Ever since she gained consciousness, she found herself in the lap of an ugly woman, not her father, a king, nor her mother, a queen. As such, this is fine. But the woman was no human being! She was a sea monster that had taken the disguise of a hideous woman to raise this princess, with evil and black intentions. She harboured much more than the peak of torture in her demonic soul and demonic mind. All of you must join this soul-stirring story, this fascinating journey. Those who were left behind are waiting.

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Yogesh Kumar Bhatt

I am a former cricketer, a poet, and an author with passion and emotion. A motivator and communicator. I live in Nadiad, India, and I have contacts with authors, scriptwriters, and filmmakers in Mumbai and New Delhi. I am the co-author of the romantic novel Faithless Romance (revamped and published under the title Dangerous Love Spindle) and author of Chakravyuh in Hindi. I am working on a Hindi film script and several short stories.

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