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Herodian Archaeology: Agrippa I of Roman Judaea

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Elizabeth Legge

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Herodian Archaeology: Agrippa I of Roman Judaea by Elysha
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Unearth the secrets of Agrippa I, the enigmatic last ruler of Roman Judaea. In this captivating exploration, Elizabeth Legge delves into archaeological evidence, revealing how Agrippa’s reign intersected with Hellenistic, Roman, and Judaic influences. From hidden sites in the Negev frontier to the multicultural tapestry of his kingdom, Legge paints a vivid picture of Agrippa’s world. Discover the clash of cultures, the architectural marvels, and the tantalizing mysteries that shaped this pivotal era. First published by the University of Pisa, this self-published edition invites you on a journey through time.


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About Author

Elyse DeBarre

Hi, I'm an archaeologist and medical student with a Master's in Classical Archaeology focussing on Roman archaeology. I'm publishing a few nonfictional archaeological and ancient historical articles and books, mostly related to ancient Rome, and I'm also writing a few historical novels concurrently: most of these take place in the Roman Empire and Republic but one of them takes place in ancient Greece and Persia during the events leading up to the Persian war you are probably familiar with from the movie, 300. I like many things, including music composing, international travel, hiking, long-distance cycling and dancing. I'm Australian, living in Europe.

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