As I bent forward to blow the only candle on my birthday cake, my mate Dave quipped:

"Shouldn't we have moved on to LEDs with a switch? Imagine the possibilities: colours, blinking, and in sequence!"

I know Dave's a funny bloke just taking the piss but after the party, over yet another beer, I reminded him:

"Hey mate, about those LEDs-"

"Sorry man! I was being silly."

"I know," I continued, "But I had a think about it--"

"What? Such an awesome party and you were thinking?"

I laughed. "Yeah, I am like that. Anyway, we could move to LEDs and all the bling but a candle is a constant. It is a reminder that legacy systems don't fail. It helps us stay grounded, connected to the past. Electricity has enjoyed, what, 100-plus years? The candle has been around for ages!"

"Bravo! Must be the VB talking" Dave lifted his bottle of beer flashing the brand.

I laughed and then made my last comeback.

"Mate, I'll be sure to light an LED on your grave!"

The sudden expulsion of beer spray from Dave's mouth was pure joy.