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Kanwar loves doing the write thing. He began dreaming of being a writer when his essay won the top spot in grade 7 at school. Since then, he has mostly written flash fiction based on prompts. He used to call himself a prompt writer, always willing to write something at the drop of a hat, or a prompt! Recently, he has started writing short stories and believes he has few ideas for a novel.

Kanwar is a husband and a dad with a prodigy of a daughter. He admits some of his best dad jokes are in fact, his daughter's.


Sydney, Australia

Enquire Within Upon Everything by k.p.s.plaha

Trust me, you wouldn't be on Novelo if not for my story. Trust me.

The Eyes Have It by k.p.s.plaha
Part of June Challenge - Crime challenge

He is a doppelganger of a Bollywood star. He is also a spy. Will Vir dance his way into the lair of an international terrorist and sashay out alive? And what's with those dark glasses the celebrities wear to every event?

The Gift by k.p.s.plaha
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge
1675/5 (1)01

In the land of the Infinite People lies the gift that can save a tribe. Will they accept it warmly, or give it a cold reception?

Failsafe by k.p.s.plaha

A birthday cake, a candle, and few beers. A micro-tale of enlightenment, perhaps?

A Fine Cop by k.p.s.plaha

Being a teenager in India, back in the 1980s, was a time of fun and freedom; without mobile phones, the internet, and memes. For me, what was also missing was a driving license. That, however, did not stop me from taking my dad's scooter for a spin on weekends. On a typical wet monsoon day in Bombay (as it was called then), the long, wet arms of the law caught up with me.


What Goes Around by k.p.s.plaha

At the start of his retirement, a theft was not something Devansh Patil was looking forward to ... a tale of a lost Ferrari wheel trim and a flea market. You get what you bargain for.

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