Chapter 1

Mr.Thompson was always a man to care about, even though I hate to say that.

As to the question of what I am, to be honest, dude, I don't wanna go into too much detail on this question, because no one knows the clear answer of that.I am a fertilized egg, which must be a very surprising and wonderful doorway, and if you say that I was born to my parents, it is not much of a problem, after all, I was born to my parents. I would like to say a few more words about the issue,I'm still a student, and I go to school in the southwest of the country, which is not only my social identity, but also symbolizes how I came to be, from the muddy study life.To be honest, I don't really feel anything.

To get back to the point, what I wanna say is not just people like Thompson, or myself, but to all of you, right to me as a good storyteller, yes, fucking good boy, I hope you can accept it, maybe you don't like it enough.

People like Thompson and I, as soon as we entered the school, learned to meet unexpectedly, even though we didn't expect it.

I came to this school with my parents.When it comes to the school, name is carved on a big stone, as if to make me laugh and say nonsense: show off your might. But my parents were very satisfied, after all, it was not easy to go to such a school in country H, we were like weathered stones, rubbed by the big teeth of society, from side to side, until we entered the university, and then my father said,‘Hey, little brat, please tidy up your sheets for me.’

I nodded in surprise, but as I expected, I said yes and crawled back into bed casually.

The weather was as fucking hot, scorching on the asphalt floor, as greasy and refreshing as having sex with a woman.I climbed into bed in fear and found that somebody's spells' ass smelled.Probably the same feeling as the ex-roommate and his spouse had rolled,I covered my mouth, and my father quickly asked me why.

‘Oh my god!Bed smells like shit.I can't imagine.’I pretended to complain, which made my father laugh one after another.

‘Oh my god!There's everything in this weather.’He blurted  out,pretending to be helpless, and shrugged his shoulders.

‘By the way, little brat, you should know what to do with your bastard's sheets. ’

‘Of course I do, dad. ’I said without hesitation, after all, he would be leaving soon.

‘I hope so,’ he said, sighing passingly, ‘your bastard cigarette should be quit, little brat.’

‘Bastard thing,’ I really exclaimed, ‘I hope you do too.’

Then an inexplicable heat rose on my face.

‘Listen, my bastard, I'm an adult, I can take risks, and your pubic hair hasn't fucking stood up. ’

‘Alright, alright, my dear dad, I'm a fucking bastard student. ’

‘Anyway,I remind you, so do it yourself. ’The most ridiculous thing is that he lit a cigarette in front of me, and the smoke he spit out was circled, like electromagnetic waves.

I didn't hold back my smile.He looked at me in surprise, then he laughed at me.

‘Listen, boy, do you need me to repeat it? I don't want to talk nonsense. ’

‘Got it, you're a example. ’

‘Alright,let's talk about something else,’ he diverted me, ‘young man, when is your military training?’

‘I don't know. ’

‘Don't always be a problematic, there are some things you always have to be clear.’ He sighed good-naturedly.

‘I see, I'll ask. ’I was just like a soldier.

At this moment, a huge figure, like an eagle, skimmed over my head, and he was my future roommate, Mr.Thompson.

‘Who is he?’ said my father and I in unison.

‘I'm your dear Thompson.’ He said as if gritting his teeth.

‘Oh, Mr. Thompson, how are you?’I stretched out my hand of friendship, and when I touched his hand, I felt his hand cold.

‘Hello, you call yourself what?’

‘Oh, I'm bastard John Smith, you can call me Little John later.’ I said playfully.

‘Yeah, little John. ’He laughed, but my father frowned.

‘Be careful. ’My father whispered to me, but I didn't mind.

‘There's still some time before military training, do you wanna go out for a meal together? ’He came across as being very honest.

‘Absolutely. ’I patted him on the round shoulder and signaled to him that it was very good.

‘Okay, tonight at 7 p.m., the bar at the school, see you there. ’

After saying that, he said that he had some personal matters, and went out.

My father and I were left in the empty dormitory.