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Altarion's Cantos - May your wish come true by Obsydienn

A mysterious stranger makes a striking entrance at the coming-of-age celebration of the Ferhawen heiress. Without warning, without even introducing himself, he captures everyone's attention by inviting young Elyzara to dance a waltz straight out of fairy tales.


The Arrival Gate by Themagicpen
615/5 (1)00

A young woman works at an airport and notices the same person waiting in "arrivals" every week. Each time, they leave alone. One day, she musters the courage to ask who they are waiting for. They reply they are waiting for her...

Realm of Token by GhostZero

The distant realm of Token, far away from Earth, and most prosperous in nature and magic. From the peaceful Elves to the bloodthirsty Demons, to the neutral Vampires, and the distant Ookami. Token is a wonderous world where the laws are the only thing holding everything together.


The Magical Garden of Wishes by Themagicpen
1205/5 (1)00

Embark on a transformative journey through 'The Magical Garden of Wishes,' a captivating tale that unravels the secrets of the Law of Attraction. This story is more than words; it's a guide to shaping your reality. Let 'The Magical Garden of Wishes' be your compass to a life filled with abundance, purpose, and the magic of attracting your dreams.

Humanity Rises: An Abrupt Incitement Book Two by CamRoze
MaturePremium StoryPaid StoryFantasyAdventureHorror

Shino, a young human residing in Gaia, is awoken and told about the missing members of his local home. Without hesitation he begins his search, finding Serra. Serra and Shino move onward in hopes to find their fellow humans...


The Awakening Of The Earth Dragon by patshannon50
1115/5 (1)01

A mysterious sound emerges from a dimly lit room early one morning. An ancient wooden box engraved with Chinese characters starts shaking on a counter. Under the battered and scratched surface, centuries of secrets lie waiting. Its hinges creak as it reveals a book inside, a brown leather cover engraved with strange symbols. The cover flips open, and one by one, pages of thin papyrus fold over.

Trembling fills the room, warning of what lies ahead. Letters dance from the pages into the air, weaving the words: The Dilong Awakens. A cold mist engulfs the space. Seconds later, a golden key emerges and floats in the air. A sudden whirlwind of snow closes the book with a bang. The lid of the wooden box follows and catches the golden key on its surface.


Searching For A Guardian by JakeDC86

Growing up is one thing, but knowing you are being trained for the purpose of war is not something you would want as a teenager, and when you know you're not good enough unless the prophesied legendary Guardian Of Sorcery is found to win the war for you it really adds to the pressure.

Oh and when people see you as a villain because the only magic you possess was banished a thousand years before your birth, you find you just have to try that little bit harder to prove your worth...


The Twilight Institute by Monochrome

This is mainly just here for feedback.


Starry Eyes: Blood Moon by J.J.J.W
CompleteMaturePremium StoryPaid StoryActionFantasyYoung AdultRomance

Twenty years after the events of 'My Eyes Are Stars', Oscar finds himself involved in a series of mysterious events involving the blood moon and Beatrix; a young woman with familiar eyes.

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