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Hi, I'm an archaeologist and medical student with a Master's in Classical Archaeology focussing on Roman archaeology. I'm publishing a few nonfictional archaeological and ancient historical articles and books, mostly related to ancient Rome, and I'm also writing a few historical novels concurrently: most of these take place in the Roman Empire and Republic but one of them takes place in ancient Greece and Persia during the events leading up to the Persian war you are probably familiar with from the movie, 300. I like many things, including music composing, international travel, hiking, long-distance cycling and dancing. I'm living in Europe.


Rome, Italy

Cardie and Me: An Epic Poem About Growing up in Tasmania with my Dog by Elysha
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By Iola Mary Ballard (In Loving Memory)

With this epic poem, step into the untamed beauty of Tasmania, Australia where innocence and adventure intertwine.


Herodian Archaeology: Agrippa I of Roman Judaea by Elysha
Premium StoryPaid StoryHistorical

Unearth the secrets of Agrippa I, the enigmatic last ruler of Roman Judaea. In this captivating exploration, Elizabeth Legge delves into archaeological evidence, revealing how Agrippa’s reign intersected with Hellenistic, Roman, and Judaic influences. From hidden sites in the Negev frontier to the multicultural tapestry of his kingdom, Legge paints a vivid picture of Agrippa’s world. Discover the clash of cultures, the architectural marvels, and the tantalizing mysteries that shaped this pivotal era. First published by the University of Pisa, this self-published edition invites you on a journey through time.


The Covert Crown: A Novel of the Early Roman Republic by Elysha

In the shadows of the early Roman Republic, where power and intrigue intertwine like ivy on ancient columns, a hidden tale unfolds. A brilliant prodigy, her lineage a blend of Etruscan heritage and Roman upbringing, walks Rome’s cobbled streets. Secrets cling to her steps, threatening to unravel the very fabric of Rome.


Through the Roman Gate by Elysha

In the shadow of ancient Rome, an archaeologist unearths more than artifacts. A forbidden gate whispers secrets across centuries. Love defies time, but so does danger. The past beckons, and destiny awaits beyond the misty veil.


The Tower: A Novel of Ancient Rome by Elysha

In the heart of ancient Rome, where marble statues guard their secrets and the Senate chambers echo with whispered plots, two lives converge -- a man known as Marcus and the beautiful and reticent Kyra.


The Oracle of Delphi: That Which is Hidden by Elysha

That Which is Hidden

A Dance of Shadows and Secrets

In the shadow of ancient Greece, Thalia flees her past as a coerced oracle. Now in Lydia, she seeks refuge with her guardian, Kratos. Their evolving relationship intertwines with the rise of Cyrus of Persia, espionage, and a quest to unmask a hidden cabal mastermind. As secrets unravel, Thalia grapples with echoes from her time as an oracle -- a haunting connection that leads them to Delphi itself.


Gaius Caligula’s Reign, Personality and Friendship  with M. Julius Agrippa I by Elysha
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In this research, I shall attempt, through a perusal of some of the ancient sources and through reading some of the theories of modern historians, to attain a better understanding of the personality and reign of the emperor Gaius, commonly known as Caligula. To this end, my focus will be on the writings of Cassius Dio. At the same time, I shall discuss of the life of Marcus Julius Agrippa I and his relationship to Gaius, and show how an understanding of Agrippa and his relationship with Gaius might also throw some light on the personality and reign of Caesar Caligula.  


The Malhata Fortress on the Roman-Judaean Negev Frontier: Associated with a Roman Road, the Frankincense Trail, and a Princely Fugitive by Elysha
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Malhata is one of a group of fortresses on the Roman-Judaean frontier with Nabataea (roughly equivalent to modern Jordan). This fortress, located on a tel in the southern portion of the group, is associated with the remains of a Roman road and occupied a strategically central position on an important crossroads between southern Roman Palestine and central Judaea, and between the Dead and Mediterranean seas. It was also on the Roman sector of the Frankincense Trail caravan trade route with the Arabian Peninsula. As well, it is believed to have been ‘Malatha’, mentioned by the Roman- Jewish historian Josephus as the location where the fugitive Herodian prince, Agrippa I, hid when forced to fiee his privileged life in Rome among the Julio-Claudians. An archaeological excavation report and GIS spatial analysis of Malhata reveal information on the fortress’ purpose, and support its being the location where Agrippa hid.


The Structure and Phases of the Castra Praetoria in Rome by Elysha
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The following is a discussion on the structure and phases of the Castra Praetoria, the barracks of the Praetorian Guard, built in AD 21 to 23 under the auspices of Tiberius Caesar’s praetorian prefect, Lucius Aelius Sejanus, to concentrate the nine Praetorians cohorts together with three Urban Cohorts at one location within close proximity to Rome’s centre, as related by Cassius Dio.

Roman Military Medicine From an Archaeological and Historical Perspective by Elysha
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This essay will discuss several aspects of Roman military medicine, including providing a discussion on military doctors and their divisions; the debate concerning the valetudinaria, or military hospitals; medical pharmaceuticals; and medical surgical practices.

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