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Hearing the train whistle, Faye panicked. Steam from the engine enveloped the station, blocking her view. Pelting forward, she grabbed the door and hauled herself inside. Fingers nearly slipped as blood stained the brass handle. 

“I gotcha.” Hands grabbed her shoulders. “Looks like you need help, lass.” 

“No.” Faye swayed as the train sped up. She twisted her body away from the stranger. Dark brown eyes bored into her from beneath a worried frown.


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Anne Marie Kofoed

I've been an avid reader my whole life, lived through the adventures I read. I've written a fair share of fanfiction in the past 20+ years. 4 years ago, I started to write my first original story, and since then my writing journey has evolved into a lot more than what I ever could have dreamed of. Countless drabbles, micro fiction, flash fiction, and short stories have been written, and sent into various contests or online platforms. While my muse won't shut up I'm also working on various longer projects that I hope to publish one day.


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