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Mistress of Fire - Talon Covenant

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Mistress of Fire - Talon Covenant by golffool61
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Her excitement hung in the air like ripe fruit. The sweetness of starting a journey that would lead to her whole life tingling her inner soul. The day was glorious, the sun not halfway up the horizon when Shandar neared the gate. Finally, away from my mother, free and on my own. Get my vision then I am in charge and let’s see them bully me. Best of all, no more favors for mom. No more of her telling me I am to be queen.

As she approached, she paused a moment to calm herself by studying the gate’s details. It stood two spans high and three paces on each side of center, and the pale wood of its veneer was dominated by a relief carving of forearms and cupped hands, left holding right, in a circle of sunrise orange. Constructed without seams, the carving had a metallic finish. It was dynamic, almost alive.

Bracing herself, she drew a deep breath, walked through the gate, and stepped into her new life.


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