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The SledgeHammer

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Victor T Robinson II

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The SledgeHammer  by MovieGuyVic
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Cameron Ford a superhero from another universe goes through a black hole ends up in a horror dimension where the supernatural is real and after a few years he becomes a teacher at Iceberg High where evil spirits have been tormenting the students of school for years but things get worse when a new student named Justine arrives who was under influence of a demon called the Conjurer its was thought that her brother Brandon who is a Monster Hunter and his girlfriend Mia who is a witch got rid of the demon but stay on her like a parasite.Now its in an place where its can thrive and harvest more souls and decides to make the school's most evil spirits a part of his army to kill as many students as possible and take their souls making him more powerful. The General of his army Is The Acid Man, he was chemistry teacher back in 1960s with a shady past who was hosting a detention one day one of girls in detention try to seduce him to get him out of detention but on his desk was a open bottle of acid he forgot to put away and she took it and throw it in his face and she and her boyfriend push him out a second story window and he was still alive so the rest of kids in detention help by putting his body in the school furnace and now the Acid Man getting the power by the conjurer exact his revenge. All this take place in Alaska during its 30 days of night cycle. Bodies will be dropping all over this school. This story also take place in 1987 its like The Conjuring meets Captain America.Cameron was made in a lab to be Super Soldier to take on SuperHeroes like the Avengers and Justice League but control by the U.S Government. Cameron is from a universe where the Marvel and D.C Universe thrive and he went up against Batman, Superman and the Avengers. Cameron was given the nicknamed The SledgeHammer by Thaddeus ''Thunderbolt'' Ross to being the hammer to keep the Avenger in line and he would be used in their verison of the civil war to elimnate Captain America and Winter Soldier and was almost successful until Iron Man intervened. Cameron was made from D.N.A from different superheroes Wolverine's regeneration, Superman's strength and flight ablilty and Tony Stark Integellience and many more and also was trained by former members of the league of shadows. But This Universe Cameron is now apart of is the Dark Universe which CandyMan, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, Vampires, Demons, Jeeper Creepers and The Conjuring Universe are all roll into one Universe. The SledgeHammer is a gory horror superhero story.

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Victor Robinson

Victor Tyrone Robinson II born 1987 in Washington D.C but raised in Montgomery, Alabama who spend most of his time working at WalMart but dreams for entertaining the world with his amazing stories I always thought I wanted to be a Movie star but I am really a fan of movies. A movie lover. Movies make me feel so good on a bad day. Movies make me like anything is possible. Life without Movies is nonetheles. But I do write books so sooner or later I want to make them into films got the New Generation. I am Victor Robinson II I am an Author, Podcaster, Tiktok and Entertainer. A Creator of The SledgeHammer Series and Troy Alexander 005. Check out my books on Amazon.Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Open Minded, Knowledge and Self Love

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