Mr. Violence Trilogy: 1980s.




Victor T. Robinson II



Chapter One: EarthBound


Born In Heaven, Raphael a guardian angel tasked to work a hand full of people on earth for many years. Rapheal also had a part to play in the battle of heaven as he was youngest angel and was very close with Lucifer up until he betrayed him during the battle which he had become the fallen and became the Devil .

Raphael was granted to be a guardian angel by God. He saw a lot of his people that he was tasked to watch over killed and worse during war during the centuries but during 32 b.c.

Rapheal witnessed the torture and murder of Jesus one of the people he was tasked to watch over also was God's son. This was too much to bear for Rapheal to witness after he witnessed many people killed by the romans and british invaders. Rapheal had decided to leave Heaven and Join the humans on Earth and lives among them.

Rapheal would anger God and angels with this move.

Raphael would hide and plain sight and decides to take on the romans responsible for the people he lost including Jesus. He would put on a masked cloth and kill roman soldiers and any one who dare to engage him 40 through 80 B.C he slices his way though history with his name he had inserts in his victims as Mr. Violence.

Rapheal would also kill emperors and kings while still living in Rome. Rapheal would go to England and he created quite a repution by becoming King of the Pirates but they call him King of The Sea. He was the richest pirate and he had fought the greatest wars at the time and save a lot men and women lives which gave him prestige. Only his closest pirates know that Rapheal is Immortal.

Rapheal would go to England to help Queen Boudcia fight the roman forces that have invade her country. Queen Boudcia would fall in love with Rapheal while fight alongside him. They would fight many battles together and It look like they were going to be the Romans but Tratiors were amongst other tribes that Queen Boudcia allied with and they betrayed her and Rapheal. Queen Boudcia was killed during battle in front of Rapheal.



Rapheal would exact his revenge against the traitors but its would take years. Rapheal would cruise through out the 13th century fight alongside Willam Wallace against England but ended fighting William Wallace after he burned down a school house full of women and children. 15th Century, Rapheal would be a knight and fight for France and share a romance with a married woman named Isabelle who later gets pregrant and the baby becomes Joan of Arc. Rapheal didnt find out to years later until he saw Joan face to face and she sees himself in her and she has some of his gifts. God told her that Rapheal was her father and that he was an angel. When Joan was betrayed by her King and his court, Rapheal went on a rampage and kill the king and his advisers.

Rapheal starts to set up a plan to break Joan out of prison. Rapheal arrives in England gear up and ready for war but is welcome by his fellow angel Micheal and Gabiel and they fight him to keep him from Joan who is being tied to a pike and being set on fire while he is fighting his brothers and Rapheal hears his daughter screaming and Micheal and Gabiel stop attacking him and Rapheal sees his daugther burning at the stake and Rapheal drops to his knees and starts crying and looking to the sky saying Damn it Why Damn It Why!!!!! Micheal and Gabiel disappeared.

Rapheal would go down a dark path and joins back to his old stomping grounds and become the King of the Sea again which he had to earn the repution.






Chapter Two: The King Of Purgatory


Rapheal Jameson aka MR. Violence aka RJ to his friends, A guardian angel who has been living among humans for centuries but after taking on Vladmir Dracula in the 1500s a Vampire who along with three wives terroized the town of transylvania while the King of Romania betrayed his country to The Sultan of Turkey but that another story. He also fought in countless wars, even him and his pirates went to war against England and France over the next few decades. He left his pirate’s family and wanderer the world until 1750 where he decided to buried his MR. Violence's persona and went back to Heaven and took punishment from his brothers and sisters angels and his father God who sented him to purgatory to aid human souls that die without purify their souls to show them the way of purification so they can graduated to heaven if they can't purify their souls. They will stay in purgatory for all etentity. Rapheal would become the first King Of Purgatory.

Vampires Souls also goes through Purgatory as well. Rapheal ends up seeing an old enemy that he killed years ago, Wade Manchester who had killed many men, women and children and also was the tortuer and excutioner of William Wallace.

Rapheal wondered what the hell is a man like Wade, who committed all accounts of Evil doing in Purgatory.

Rapheal made a decision not help purify Wade's soul. Wade and Rapheal would start up a old rivalry war in Purgatory which Wade enlist the human souls of the nonpurifers to join him to overthrow Rapheal. Rapheal's sisters Angels had his back even siding with Vampires Souls who have enjoying living under the reign of Rapheal. The End Result Rapheal would be kicked out of Purgatory and Wade becomes the new King Of Purgatory which Wade would use this platform to make deals with Lucifer for his damned souls and turned them into Reapers ''SuperHumans Slashers". Lucifer was the reason why Wade Manchester got into Purgatory after been tortured by demons. Lucifer found out Rapheal was responsible for Wade's death. He decided to use Wade to overthrow Rapheal out of Purgatory.

God was upset Rapheal's decison to refused Wade's purifcation and has banished him from Heaven and Purgatory. Earth or Hell was his home now. Rapheal went back to Earth without some of gifts.

He is still Immortal and still has his Angel'strength but he is no longer a guardian angel, He has been stripped of his wings. Rapheal is still techically an angel. Micheal feels sorry for Rapheal and he tells Rapheal that he has a lot repenting to do to earn your way back to Heaven.

Rapheal is sent to Earth in 1900 but that another story. 83 Years Later, Rapheal had to change his life every decade, He had been a Doctor, Lawyer, Gangster, Teamster, NightClub Owner, Prisoner and change his last name so many times but Jameson is the one he always comes back to. He been around the world a dozen of times.

Rapheal brought back his Mr. Violence's alter ego back in 1955 in Clanton, Alabama after a young african american teenage named Eric Jackson was beating and hunged in front of his family house because he found sleeping with a white girl in the woods. Rapheal had became a butcher shop owner in town and he knew the family well. Rapheal had gain over the centuries on Earth the abiltes to become a human lie detecter, a damn good tracker and almost a mind reader. Some of the people reponsibe for Eric's death are same ones that smile in the faces of the Jackson's family everytime they passed them on the street.


Too many deaths of African Americans all over the south for no good reasons. Rapheal spend time with the Jackson's family and paid for their son's funeral and wake. Rapheal and his lady friend Jade Lynn starts getting harassed for being around them. One Night Rapheal wakes up to get some milk out the icebox he is jumped and beating half to death by the KKK and Jade Lynn watches while they beat him and they warned him to stay away from them blacks. They left, Jada Lynn wants to drive Rapheal to the doc's house.

Rapheal tells her he will be fine and he is bleeding bad and he tells her to go back to bedroom and he be fine. Rapheal's slowly heals itself.

A few hours later, Rapheal is watching over Jada Lynn while she sleeps and Rapheal hears someone calling his name in the living room and Rapheal walks in the living room and its his alter ego Mr. Violence and he tells Rapheal. When did you become such a pussy and a few decades you would have skinned alive those motherfuckers!

Did you forget who you are . Did you forget that you were a ruthless mother fucker! You were a King, an Assassin, You fought in World War I and II and the medival era and against Romans and Gladitors. You are a fucking Titan you going let these motherfuckers just walk away No these fuckers don't just get to walk away!

They need Punishment for what they did to you and What they did to that poor fucking kid and his family. Rapheal says The Law has to do its Job. Mr. Violence say You were the law before there was one.

You are the Judge, Jury and You are the fucking Punisher! Mr. Violence starts beating up Rapheal and says Remember how good its was to take out some real evil motherfuckers.Rapheal starts flashbacks to all the centuries and decades he delivered justice. Mr. Violence throws his right fist and Rapheal grabs it and breaks the arm of Mr. Violence and throws him into the kitchen and they brawl.

Mr. Violence says with blood in his mouth. There he is! Thats my fucking boy! Rapheal breaks Mr. Violence's ribs and knocks him down to floor and starts bashing his skull in with his fist and Mr, Violence is laughing.

Jada Lynn wakes up and comes down stairs and sees Rapheal on his knees pounding his fist in the floor and she calls out RJ is everything ok and Rapheal gets off the floor and hides his bloody fists and tells everything is ok baby lets go back to sleep.


The Next Night Rapheal tells Jada Lynn to spend the night with her sisters and Rapheal grabs his Mr. Violence's attire and head to the Clanton's KKK ralley and he sneaks on the compounds and goes on a rampage but not to kill armed with a set of tactical knives and a Red metal baton. Half the KKK would end up in the hosptial by the night ends but the men who attacked him and Jade Lynn was the same ones that killed Eric Jackson. Those men arent going to get it so easy.

The Four men responsbile. One of the men was aide to the mayor. Mr. Violence jamed a metal spike in his head. the second man the local milk man who had been known to been poisoning milk of certain cilents. Mr. Violence slices him up and cut artery in his arm and he bleeds to death.

The third man is one of the town judges and Mr. Violence ties him to a hood of a pick up truck and puts the car in drive and had him been driven into a tree where he was crushed to death and lastly.

The Final man the town sheriff, Mr. Violence and Sheriff fight it out in front of a bonfire for a few mins and Mr. Violence throws him on top of the bonfire and The Sheriff's robe catches on fire and Mr. Violence watch him burns and then decides to put him out. The Sheriff wakes up half burned hanging from a tree. The Sheriff who are you to do this to me.

Mr. Violence says You are supposed to uphold the law but you can do that if you are killing innocent people. The Sheriff says that boy was abusing that girl who did what needed to be done.

Mr. Violence says that boy named was Eric Jackson and that girl was his girlfriend of 2 years he was loved by his mother, father, grandmother, by his 5 brothers and sisters. The Sheriff says who are you to question me. Mr. Violence says I am Mr. Violence your Punisher and takes off the mask and The Sheriff says Rapheal and Rapheal hangs The Sheriff.










Chapter Three: 1983



38 years Later. It's the year 1983. Raphael had become a highly decorated Vietnam Vet in the Vietnam War and became a famous Psychologist. Now he has been a college professor at Victoria College in Victoria, Texas, and has been there for 3 years. He teaches English and Psychology at the university. He is well-known on campus by the students and other professors.

It is mostly a normal life for Raphael who goes by the name Jameson to some of his closest lady friends and his war buddy Jack who got him this job and is also a professor.

But Now The campus has been hitten by 3 grisly murders, female students have been turning up dead around campus with body parts missing. The Dean is trying to cover up the murders and threaten the police with lawsuits if they don't handle this quietly.

LT Kyle England of the Victoria Police Department and task force are short-handed with these murders while most of the policemen have been sent to Houston to deal with The Hitchhiker killer situation where that mass murderer has been on a killing spree all over Texas and he had just killed a whole precinct of cops in Houston.


After quietly reading the files of the entire staff on campus and he sees Jameson's file which says Sargent Rapheal Jameson, a marine, served in the 1st battalion in Vietnam, 4 silver stars, Marine Commendation Metal.

LT England decided to ask Professor Jameson to help profile this killer and help with the investigation and Jameson accepts. Jameson will be working alongside a female undercover cop named Ginger Wilcox as his teacher's assistant.

The Killer had struck again killing a girl named Hannah Morning, who just got dropped off at her sorority house after volleyball practice. The killer walked up behind the girl while she was putting her key in her house and the killer took out a razor and slit her throat and drag her into the darkness behind the house. Hannah's sorority sister Jasmine comes outside with her boyfriend Todd and they are making out while the killer in the darkness chopping off Hannah's arms with an axe. Todd and Jasmine hear noises coming behind the house.

They walk into the darkness. Todd flicks his lighter and They see Hannah with her throat slits and arms cut off and Jasmine starts screaming and The killer is walking down the street with a black trash bag. Professor Jameson and Detective Wilcox show up at the crime scene. Jameson looks at Hannah's body disgusted and upset and follows the blood trail all the way down the street until the trail runs toward the dean's office. Jameson tells Ginger that the killer walked from Sorority directly to the dean's office. Jameson busts into the dean's office and he smells dried blood all over the place but he doesn't let Ginger know.

Ginger says We got to gather more evidence towards him too so we can fully convict him so there would be no way he would be able to walk away from it. Jameson tells her to go back to the station and that he would keep a close eye on the Dean. Jameson gets a video camera from Film class and starts watching the dean and trying to maintain his class. At Night, The Dean leaves his house dressed in a trenchcoat and dark hat and goes into the women's dormitory.

Jameson goes after him and is watching him from the distance and notices him sneaking into the dorm of Jameson's favorite student Janet but Jameson notices something about the Dean. he smells the air and he notices the scent of something sweet scent and notices that aren't the dean its a female wearing a trenchcoat.

Jameson goes back to his car and notices that his car's tires are slashed. Jameson runs to the pay phone and calls Ginger at the police station. Nicole's Station secretary answers the phone and says that Ginger was told to meet you at the University.

Ginger is at the University supposedly waiting on Jameson and she is attacked from behind by the Dean. He dragged her to his office. Jameson is running toward the University and sees Ginger's purse and he sees marks on the floor from her right shoe heel. Jameson follows the mark it leads him to The Dean's Office and Jameson breaks down the door. The Dean has Ginger's gun and has it aimed at Ginger's head.

Jameson says You are supposed to protect these girls why murder them Dean? The Dean says All these women think their shit is gold when its not. Beautiful girls love to tease with their titties and asses.

And these girls are so damn beautiful. So i took the best parts from all of them to create the perfect woman you think these 4 women on this campus are the only ones that unvolunteered pieces of themselves and he pulls down curtains that lead to a hidden room where he has rotten body parts stitched up together to make up a person. Ginger says Scream out You are a sick son of a bitch.

Jameson notices the picture on the wall and the head of the body matches the picture of the girl on the wall. The Dean notices that Jameson didn't flinch at all at his masterpiece and The Dean says aren't spellbound by my work of art. Jameson says I've seen worse but really got my mind wandering who is that supposed be your mother? The Dean says Fuck no I am not some sick mother's boy She was my first love before I met my wife Lucy and she died in a housefire years ago.

Jameson says I know losing Lucy last year to cancer was hard on you Dean but it doesn't give you the right to take the lives of these young people. All you had to do was talk to me. The Dean says Lucy always liked you, Jameson, all the women on this campus love you and i wonder why you and you can any woman on this campus. You clearly are a gentleman but I know you fucked my wife.

Jameson says Yeah I fucked your wife and I love your wife and you were an asshole to her. You treated her like a possession. You wanted her to get well not her but you so you wouldn't be alone. I offer to run away with her so she can enjoy her final days but she knew you would track us down. So instead of her doing all of that which also ensures that if it came to that I would protect from you. But she thought letting her safe waste away was better than that and that's why you create this shit body so you can have someone.

That's why killed all these girls and stole body parts out of the graves of recently deceased and that's why your wife decided to kill herself to get away from the sick fuck of a husband.

The Dean aims the gun at Jameson and Ginger stomps her heel on The Dean's foot. He lets her go and Jameson lunges at The Dean and knocks the gun out of his hand. Jameson grabs The Dean and starts punching him in the face repeatedly and knocks him over the dead body. The dead body falls on top of the Dean.

Ginger uses the Dean's phone to call back up. Jameson grabs Ginger and asked if she ok and hugs her. The Dean wakes up screaming and Jameson walks over to the table and sees the dead body eating The Dean's face off and ripping into his body. Jameson says What the Fuck. The Dead body starts walking towards him and Ginger goes for her gun and shoots The dead body in the head and the head falls off the shoulder. Jameson says That's a fucking first. lets get the fuck out of here and The Dean's body gets up with his half-eaten face with his intestines following out on the floor. Ginger shoots at the Dean and misses and runs out of bullets and Jameson jumps on the dean and starts beating the hell out of him until his skull caves in.


The Police show up Lt. England congrats Ginger and Jameson. Lt England asks Jameson if would he go to Houston to assist with The Hitchhiker case Jameson says Yeah I need a change of scenery after what I just Witnessed. Ginger gives a statement and leaves out about the dead bodies coming back to life. Jameson tells Ginger he going to Houston to help with the Hitchhiker and he will see her when he comes back. Jameson tells her to burn their body parts. Ginger requested Lt England to burn the body parts.

Jameson is on his way to Houston. Ginger watches as The mixed body parts and The Dean are being burned the reason she gave Lt. England explained to about the bodies came back to life but England was born in Pittsburgh he remembers when was a kid the incident where the dead returned to life in 1968 during that time but they covered up the incident so they decided to burned the bodies. Ginger and England watch as the bodies burn.

Musical Youth Pass the dutchie playing end credits (




















Chapter 4: The HitchHiker


The Victoria Police department was short-staffed due to them being sent to Houston, Texas after a Mass Murderer named The HitchHiker killed dozen of people including whole families all over Texas and also he killed a whole police department while trying to get at a survivor named Jennifer Wells whose fiancee Thomas Howe was brutally murdered by The HitchHiker.

After the success of bringing down the psychopath in the campus slaying. The Texas Detective on the case refers him to the Texas Rangers to help track the HitchHiker and he goes to meet up with Jennifer Wells who is being protected by The Texas Rangers.

Raphael shows up and is welcomed by a female Texas Ranger Kate Earp who heard about what he did in Victoria, Texas. Raphael sat down with Kate while she interview Jennifer and Jennifer tells her that her fiancee Thomas had picked up the hitchhiker due he was a nice guy it was raining bad and he felt bad for the guy otherwise he wouldn't have done it.

After About 20 mins in the car, he automatically pulls out a knife and tells Thomas that he likes to take me for a ride but it is going to be difficult if he was alive. I was in the backseat I was shocked and didn't know what to do. The HitchHiker grabs Thomas's face and jams the knife in his cheek and rips off his cheek. I attacked him with a bottle of brake fluid and Thomas kick him out the door. But He ended up following us down the road and I don't know how he found us Three days later He found Thomas in the restroom of a restaurant we were dining in and beat him to death with a hammer until he cave in his skull.

Jennifer doesn't know why The HitchHiker is continuing to stalk her. Raphael figures out from life experience that the reason is that he is liked her because she fought back. She became a worthy opponent for him. . Raphael starts looking over the files of The HitchHiker's victims and is overcome with anger. Raphael asks Kate for a picture of The Hitchhiker and He recoginzed the HitchHiker an old war buddy of his who became a P.O.W

One of texas rangers is standing outside smoking a cigar notices a ford truck coming at him and he yells stop and He begins to open fire on the truck and the truck is full of chemicals and dynamite and More Texas Rangers come out the office and The Hitchhiker from a distance hit the gas tank with a shot from a rifle and blows up the truck killing the Texas Rangers and half the building.

Kate is unconsicous and The buliding has collasped on Raphael. The HitchHiker walks in the building and sees a couple of wounded Texas Rangers and shot them in the head. Jennifer is limping out of an office and tries to go out the building and The Hitchhiker appears behind her. Jennifer quickly turns around and says I am not afraid of you motherfucker and I am not running from you anymore. The HitchHiker says I love fighting with you. I have enjoyed this game of cat and mouse but now sadly The Game has come to an end. The Hitchhiker toss her the gun. Go ahead Get Your Revenge!! Put me out of my fucking misery.

Jennifer refuses. The HitchHiker is diappointed and says if you don't I will kill you then I will track down the rest of your family and make them suffer and Your soul is in purgatory. You will hear their screams and you will be helpless to save them.

So for the last fucking time Kill Me Bitch and she pulls the trigger and its empty. The HitchHiker laughs and takes the gun from her and says You didn't think its going to be that easy. You think i did all this just to have you kill me. No No, No baby. The HitchHiker punches Jennifer in the face and breaks her nose and starts dragging her across the ground toward his car.

Raphael comes out the wreckage and calls out Corporal Andrew "Tex" Dobbs. The HitchHiker drops Jennifer and turns around and sees Raphael. The Hitchhiker says softly Lieutenant. Raphael says after all the times I saved your life this how its to be repaid in Innocent Blood. The Hitchhiker says No one isn't innocent. It either You are Wolf or a Sheep in this world. I just trying to sort it out. Just like Nam Lieutenant.

Raphael says This isn't Nam! These People didn't deserved your wrath but none of that matters anymore. Raphael pulls out his knife and says Come On Soldier lets see who is the real wolf.

The Hitchhiker walks away from Jennifer and pulls out a large hunting knife. Raphael and The Hitchhiker are circling each other with the fire surrounding them. The HitchHiker slices Raphael's stomach and says You gotta soft Lieutenant. Raphael slices through The Hitchhiker's arm and says I am just getting warm up.

Kate wakes up from the wreckage and she stumbles over to Jennifer and she wakes up Jennifer and they turned to see Raphael fighting with The Hitchhiker they are having one hell of a knife fight slicing each other their blood is soaking the ground wet.

FBI Tactial Team is enrouted to the Texas Rangers's Office and they see Jennifer and Kate in the street. Raphael headbutts The HitchHiker and puts the knife to his throat and The HitchHiker says Fucking do it. F.B.I Special Agent Jack Crawford and his team has guns drawn on Raphael and The HitchHiker.

Kate Screams out Jameson don't do it. Raphael drops the knife and knocks out the HitchHiker.

F.B.I takes the Hitchhiker to custody who badly wounded. Agent Crawford introduces himself to Raphael and tell him he has heard that he bagged to two serial killers in one week and that he should think about a career in the F.B.I

One Year Later.



Rapheal "Jimmy"" Jameson would be top of class in the new list of graduates of 1984 and with his skills in the marines he would be an elite agent. His first assignment would be in Boston being part of task force to take down bank robbers. then late 1985 he would be part of joint task force with Secret Service to take down a counterfit ring in Los Angeles. Through out the time Jimmy would earn respect from the Seasoned agents and from other agencies.

But 1987 Jimmy would volunteer to be apart of a new unit in Chicago which would handle the unsolved and bizarre cases that no one won't or can't solve due being impossible or to horrifying to deal with.

These were regular cases at one time but the evidence was leading down an impossible path some of the agents that handle it went insane or died mysterious ways. They normally would just locked up the files in the vaulur and forget about them but that was Ten years ago, Now The New F.B.I wants to eliminated these unsolved cases and the new cases that similar to these. Later on in a few years These stories unknown would later be apart of a tv show called The X Files but in the real life there is no X files just a room with all these cases that are now in the possession of Raphael ''Jimmy'' Jameson and his partners Jill Stevens and Terry Reeves. which the unil was called Special Unit.

Chapter 5. Triple Threat.


In 1988, Mr. Violence Aka Special Agent Raphael ''Jimmy" Jameson is part of the F.B.I Special Unit that solves unbelievable cases, and cases that other units can't solve this is one of those stories.

A few hours ago in Manhattan, A man with a hockey mask has been terrorizing a high school graduation class from Crystal Lake, Ohio. One of the students had flagged down an NYPD officer and was escorted to the 15th precinct. The Student named Rennie McCulloch says the Legendary Killer Jason Voorhees had hijacked their ship and killed half the students and crew.

The Cops at the precinct are laughing their asses off because Jason Voorhees is a movie character in the Friday The 13th Movie franchise to the rest of the world. But to Crystal Lake, The threat is real due to the first 4 movies were based on the true story.

A few years after the 4th Movie, a teenager Tommy Jarvis caused the resurrection of Jason unclear how but it ensured a killing spree at the new camp built by the lake.

Captain Arthur Fancy decides to send additional units to pick up the rest of the students to get to the bottom of the story. But When a few policemen are found dead in the street that when this turns into a long night. Dozen of witnesses in the streets all give descriptions of Jason Voorhees.

Rennie is with Detectives John Kelly and Andy Sipowicz trying to find her other friends. Meanwhile Captain Arthur Fancy reaches out to the F.B.I for information on Jason Voorhees.

Special Agent Jack Crawford receives a call from Arthur Fancy and a few minutes he knocks on the Special Unit door and tells Jimmy to get Case File April 13, 1984, and tells him to come to the office. Jack tells Jimmy about The Real Case of Jason Voorhees.

Jimmy is assisted to go alone to take the F.B.I jet to go to New York to help with the tracking down and the capture of Jason Voorhees who was assumed dead 5 years ago. The rest of his special unit is to stay behind assisting the Chicago PD 21 district with the killings, drug trade, and government corruption in The Cabrini-Green projects.

The Streets are running with blood the Crystal Lake students are dropping like flies all over the city the death toll at 45 students chaperones and crew who died on the ship and 9 dead in the Manhatten.

Detective Kelly and Sipowicz dropped Rennie at the station with her uncle Charles, her boyfriend Sean, Julius, and Ms. Colleen Van Deusen while they and other officers are patrolling the city looking for Jason. Detective Kelly thinks the killer might be the Manic Cop that has been killing people and New York City and not Jason Voorhees

What They don't know is That Matt Cordell aka The Maniac Cop is in the city and he blames Captain Arthur Fancy for his wrongful arrest which causes his murder in prison. Maniac Cop has snuck in the backdoor. Jason Voorhees has shown up inside the police station and Rennie sees him from the distance.

Jimmy arrives at the airport and is picked up by Lieutenant Frank Mcrae who Jimmy met a few years ago welcomes him back to the big apple.

Meanwhile, Maniac Cop is opening fire on all the policemen in the back of the station. Jason bust through the front door killing all the cops in his path. They are shooting at him and it is doing nothing.

Rennie grabs Sean and Julius, Collen Charles follows behind her as they tried to go toward the back of the police station and is confronted by a wounded Captain Fancy. Rennie sees Matt Cordell coming towards them and Colleen runs towards Matt thinking he will save them. Matt opens fire on Colleen and blows her away. Jason Grabs Charles from behind and crushes his skull through the wall. Captain Fancy points them toward the fire escape and tells them to go.


Captain Fancy pulls out his service revolver and says to Matt Cordell come on you Ugly Son of a bitch !!! and he aims the service revolver at Matt. Jason comes up behind him and jams a nightstick through his back and through his heart. Captain Fancy drops dead.

Matt Cordell is face to face with Jason Voorhees and Matt is upset with Jason Killing Captain Fancy that was his kill. Matt opens fire on Jason with his automatic pistol with no effect and Matt drops his gun and rushes at Jason. Jason grabs Matt by the throat and slams through the floor and they both fall through it into the abandoned jail cells.

Lieutenant Mcrae and Jimmy arrived at the scene and see Rennie, Julius , and Sean running out of the building. Lt Mcrae walks up to them and Julius says Everybody Fucking DEAD Jason is in the building and some big motherfucker with a cop uniform. Mcrae gets on the radio and tells all units to report back to base. Mcrae tells Jimmy to stay with the kids and he grabs his Shotgun and tells Jimmy if I am not back in 10 mins get the fuck out of dodge.

Jimmy tells Mcrae it's best I go in there instead of you. Mcrae says This is my house It's got to be me You stay here until backup gets here.

Jason and Matt are destroying the prison cells Matt pulls out his hidden blade slashing and stabbing up Jason's body. Jason attempted to punch his hand through Matt's chest.

It is not going through. Matt throws Jason through the prison cells where a few men are at lock up and The Men run out of the busted cells and go upstairs and grab some guns off the dead cops. Mcrae makes it into the building and is in a shootout with the escaped prisoners.

Jason gets up and grabs a sharp metal pipe as Matt walks away. Jason throws the metal pipe through Matt and Matt quickly turns around and spears Jason Through the wall of the Police building into the streets. Matt Cordell gets up and grabs Jason by the throat and tosses him through the prison bus.

Matt takes the metal pipe out of him. Jason gets out of the prison bus and Matt takes the metal pipe and jams it inside of Jason's chest. Matt takes his blade and jams it in Jason's throat.

Jason is being lifted in the air with the blade inside his throat and Matt Cordell rips off Jason's head and tosses it at Jimmy, Rennie, Julius ,and Sean and he starts walking towards them. Jimmy walks towards Cordell. Jimmy says You are an ugly son of bitch. Mcrae comes out of the building and Jimmy tells him to get the kids out of here. Jimmy pulls out his desert eagle and starts blowing holes into Cordell. Mcrae jumps in his car with the kids and drives off into traffic. Cordell pulls out his blade and walks towards Jimmy.

Jimmy puts up his gun and rushes Cordell with some martial arts moves and kicks the blade out of his hand. Cordell grabs Jimmy by the leg and tosses him through the wall of the police building which is up in flames.

Cordell grabs his blade off the ground then goes to a squad car and ripped the door off the hinges. Jimmy jumps out of the fire and jumps Cordell from behind by dropkicking him to the car and he does boxing combinations on him and knocks off Cordell's hat. Cordell pulls out his blade and slices up Jimmy and then stabs Jimmy over and over again and the chest and tosses him aside. Cordell attempts to get in the car and Jimmy rushes him again with blood pouring all over his body.


Cordell grabs the shotgun and unloads it on Jimmy. Jimmy falls to the ground. Cordell drives off and passes the other cops that are on their way to the precrint. Detectives Kelly and Sipowicz are leading the officers into the building.

Cordell catches up to Mcrae and the kids and starts ramming the car in heavy traffic. Jimmy wakes up covered in his own blood and pissed off with his shotgun and knife wounds slowly healing starts walking into the building and passing the cops into the evidence room.


He grabs a riot shield, a set of knives, samurai sword which was used in a murder two weeks ago as he walks out of the room, Detective Kelly draws his gun and says Freeze Motherfucker!!!. Jimmy says I am Special Agent Jameson.

Detective Kelly says show me your badge and Jimmy says in my front right pocket. Kelly pulls it out it is all covered in blood. Jimmy says I'm sorry for the blood. Kelly looks at the ID and tells him Sorry are you all right. Jimmy says I will be once I catch this motherfucker. Jimmy walks passed the cops and Detective Sipowicz says to Kelly Come look at big motherfucker out here and Detective Sipowicz shows Detective Kelly Jason's body and decapitated head.

Jimmy jumps in a squad car and turns on the radio and hears Mcrae asking for back up and Jimmy drives off. Cordell pulls out the shotgun and blows off Mcrae's face and Sean takes control of the wheel.

Julius grabs Mcrae and starts shooting at Cordell. Sean pushes out Mcrae's dead body and jumps fully in the driver's seat. Cordell is causing major accidents all over the roadways.

Sean pulls Rennie close to him and he drives down an alley trying to lose Cordell. Cordell disappears. Sean thinks he lost him and Julian starts to celebrate then Cordell blindsided them and causing the car to flip over three times and now it's upside down.

Cordell walks over to them and pulls his nightstick Julius pulls Rennie out of the car and Sean is unconscious and bleeding out his head. Julius gets Sean out and gives him to Rennie and tells her to run.

Julius grabs the shotgun and shoots at Cordell who is taking the shots and still coming toward them. Julius tells Rennie to get the hell out of here and tell my dad I forgive him.

Julius unloads the gun and with no more bullets, he throws the gun at Cordell.

Julius takes off his jacket and shirt and rips his shirt and wraps them around his hands and says I am tired of running all night from you Motherfuckers and all my life I had to deal with motherfucking cops like you and right now Motherfucker it just me and you and you about to get these motherfucking hands.

Julius uses his speed and attacks Cordell with some powerful punches. Jimmy is following the carnage Cordell has caused. Rennie is dragging Sean through a construction site for a new french restaurant. Cordell grabs Julian by his hands and lifts him into the air and drops him on a fire hydrant and it impales through his body.

Cordell follows Sean's blood.

A few minutes later Jimmy shows up in the alley and sees the flipped-over car and Julian's body on the fire hydrant. Jimmy grabs the riot gear and stuff and starts following the trail. Rennie is trying to wake up Sean and Cordell comes busting through the site and Rennie by the throat.

Jimmy runs in with the Samurai sword drawn and riot gear and calls out Hey Maniac Cop come to pick on someone your own size. Cordell drops Rennie and pulls out his blade and walks towards Jimmy and Music plays Holy Diver by DIO(

Blades Clash and Jimmy hits Cordell with the riot shield and then pushes him into the street. Cordell goes into the riot shield and Cordell breaks the riot shield in half. Jimmy swings the sword slashing up Cordell's body and he jams the sword into Cordell's back. Cordell grabs Jimmy by the throat and chokeslam him to the ground.

Jimmy pulls out two knives and stabs Cordell in his face. Cordell lets go of his throat and Jimmy rolls away. Cordell pulls the knives out of his face and Jimmy pulls the samurai sword out of Cordell and cut off Cordell's arm and then cut off Cordell's leg and then cut through Cordell through his stomach. Cordell and Jimmy are face to face. Cordell knocks away Jimmy with a punch and Cordell attempts to grab the sword out of his stomach.

Jimmy rolls and pulls out his desert eagle and unloads on him and he falls through a manhole cover into the sewer.

Jimmy attempts to go down the sewer but a squadron of police shows up. Detective Kelly with the swat team behind him. Jimmy tells him the son of a bitch you want is in the sewer and Detective Kelly sends the S.W.A.T into the sewer.

Rennie and Sean are being put in an ambulance and Rennie tells Jimmy thanks for saving us. Jimmy says Just doing my Job.

Commissioner Pike and Captain Ripley show up at the scene to debrief Special Agent Jameson to tell him that in the report they addressed that all this carnage is because of Jason Voorhees and escaped prisoners and has nothing to do with no Maniac Cop or Matt Cordell.

The S.W.A.T Team has finished searching the sewers and they didn't find anything. Cordell's arm and leg are missing. Commissioner Pike tells Special Agent Jameson Thanks for your help with the investigation but that is over and you are due back to Chicago. Agent Jameson says Can you make sure those kids are safe until they are back on a bus home.

Captain Ripley calls over Officer Jack Forrest and Officer Thersa Mallory to go to the hospital to watch over Rennie and Sean. Captain Ripley says You were assigned here for Jason Voorhees now that he is dead you can leave. Agent Jameson says I need to see his body.

Detective Sean Mckinney shows up to take Agent Jameson to the morgue to see Jason Voorhees and it is a bloody scene the morgue staff has been murdered and Jason's body is missing. Detective Mckinney found a woman hiding in a closet and she tells him that a man killed everyone and has taken the body. Mckinney and Jameson are left speechless.

Sally Noland former girlfriend of Matt Cordell has consulted with a voodoo priest to put back together her love to exact revenge against those who have wronged him. Cordell has come back to her for her to heal him and to finish her.




Chapter 6: Hellraised


This Story is Inspired by music by Dio. Opening Song Heaven & Hell by Dio

In 1990, FBI Agent Raphael "Jimmy'' Jameson has been transferred to New York City. After being there for a few weeks has been requested by Lieutenant Sean Mckinney who Jimmy met a couple of years during the Maniac Cop/Jason Voorhees situation. Sean heard that Jimmy is now stationed here and has requested his help with these outlandish murders taking place around the city.

Jimmy meets Sean at the police station and Sean reintroduces himself and tells him about last year when he had gone toe to toe with Cordell himself and Jimmy asks how Sean finally kill the fucker. Sean said I blew him up with an oxygen tank. Jimmy says Now that's thinking and they laugh back and forth.

Sean pulls out files containing people who have been murdered over the last few days. Sean shows pictures of metal chains covered in blood. Sean says Some of these murder scenes don't have bodies just lots of blood. A lot of things don't make sense but what I do know is if there is one guy that every cop or agent has on the tip of their tongue who knows how to handle all the weird shit. It's Jimmy Fucking Jameson.

Jimmy looks at the crime scene photos and he flashbacks to being the king of purgatory and remembers about the skinless souls who escaped from the group of demons called the cenobites and the high priest who snatched the skinless child's soul out of Jimmy's grasp.

Jimmy asks Sean did they find any puzzle boxes at any of the crime scenes. Jimmy and Sean go to the evidence locker to look at all the evidence recovered at the scene. Jimmy doesn't find the puzzle box. Jimmy goes back to the beginning of the murder Three Years Ago In Rhoad Island where Four people were murdered and One survivor named Kristy Cotton was taken to a Mental hospital.

Rainbow In The Dark played by Dio Jimmy is driving to Rhode Island to check out the mental hospital the Channard institution which he found closed down. He drives around town and goes to the old Cotton's house which is condemned. he investigates the old crime scene and finds nothing but dried blood and hooked chains. Music still playing. Jimmy tracks down the detective who works the case.

Detective Ross tells him when investigating the hospital that half the patients were brutally murdered by some very fucked up people and he shows the case photos to Jimmy. Ross says We assume that the doc was the suspect after we found bodies of female patients tied up at his house. Dr. Channard was connected to many satanist groups and we just chalked it up to just another crazy motherfucker.

Jimmy asked have you ever found Kristy Cotton. Ross says I knew the girl's father I thought she had been through enough so I let her go the last time I heard from her she was in Canada somewhere. Jimmy says That's understandable but did she ever say anything about a puzzle box. Ross shows Jimmy a videotape of Kristy explaining about the cenobites and how it will lead to Hell.

Three hours Later. Jimmy comes back to N.Y.C back at the police station and explains what he just learned about the case to Sean. But Really Jimmy knows all about the cenobites and the history of the puzzle box because he had met the man who made it centuries ago. The Phone rings Sean picks up the phone It's Sean's wife Susan who is the lead doctor saying There is a kid in the hospital with some kind of chains hooked up to him from a puzzle box. Sean says We got to go. Jimmy and Sean jump in the car driving to the hospital. Sacred Heart playing by Dio

A reporter named Joanne Summerskill shows up with her camera Doc she knows this is related to the series of murders all over the city. The Puzzle box comes to life and shoots out more of the hang chains to anyone that is near the kid that includes the nurses they are hooked up. Susan is waiting outside on Sean and Jimmy. They pull up and Sean goes to Susan and Jimmy runs into the hospital. (The Music gets Louder) Jimmy with Sean and Susan behind him.

The Nurses are being ripped apart. The Kid is raised up in the air and the room gets dark and the walls of the room open up and the cenobites appear. Jimmy looks at the kid screaming and Sean pulls out his gun and attempts to shoot off the chains from the puzzle box Joanne is recording all of this on camera. The chains rip the kid apart. Jimmy is pissed and starts attacking the four cenobites with martial arts. Joanne sees the puzzle box and grabs it and runs out of the room. Doc the cameraman gets his face ripped off. One of the cenobites tries to attack Susan and Sean blows off it head.

The Room gets lighter and the cenobites disappeared. Sean is holding Susan and Jimmy is looking for the puzzle box. Jimmy says Where the fuck is the box. Susan says that reporter Joanne took it. Sean says I handle things here. Fever Dreams playing by Dio

Jimmy sees Joanne jumps into her news van. Jimmy grabs an abandoned motorcycle and follows Joanne to her house. Joanne realizes that she was followed and Jimmy shows his badge and says I am going to need that box, Joanne. Joanne says What the hell is going on. Jimmy says You give me that box I spin it for you real quick.

Jimmy goes into her house with her and he tells her everything. Joanne pours both him and her a glass of wine. Jimmy tells her that the leader is still at large I didn't see him. Joanne says how do you know you didn't. Jimmy says I have met him a long time ago he has needles inside his head he is known as the engineer. Joanne says Let me Guess The only way you can send him back to Hell is with that box. Jimmy says not necessary but it's faster.

Joanne says Where do you think he is. Jimmy goes to the phone and calls Sean and asks Sean to ask Susan where that kid came from before he had those chains attached to him. Sean says that Susan says A nightclub called the Boiler room and Sean says do you want to go check it out and Jimmy sees Joanne getting naked in front of him and Jimmy says We will check it out tomorrow.

Jimmy smiles and say I wasn't expecting this Joanne. Joanne says Call me Joey. Hey Angel playing Dio

Jimmy grabs her and kisses her on her lips and throws her on the bed and starts sucking her toes and kissing on her legs, her belly button and sucking on her nipples and she grabs his hair and she kisses his lips and she gets on top kissing his chest, stomach and she pulls off his pants and underwear and starts sucking his cock back and forth.

Jimmy goes down on her and has his face in her pussy and sucking on her clit and she moans loudly yes and the music gets louder and he inserts his cock inside her and they are thrusting back and forth in the shadows of the night and kisses each other all covered in sweat.

The Music Ends. Jimmy and Joey fall in each other arms.

The Next Morning Jimmy wakes up and kisses Joey and leaves her apartment but leaves behind the puzzle box. Jimmy meets up with Sean at a diner called Angelo's place. Jimmy shows up. Sean is eating an apple pie and drinking a cup of coffee.

Sean says Did you ever link up with the reporter. Jimmy says Yeah We Linked up just fine and Sean laughs All right Mr. Jimmy What next.



Jimmy says That the main leader of the cenobites is hiding in the nightclub which is run by a member of a satanic army called The Lements which the leader is a young millionaire named Roland Voight who is now in London. The owner of The Boiler Room is named J.P Monroe.

Jimmy tells Sean that these murders are all connected to the Lements who have been sacrificing victims to the cenobites in order to be rewarded but they don't know is there is no reward only pain and suffering and he believes that tonight at the club they are going reclaim their reward. Sean says How do we stop them.

Jimmy tells Sean that this is not his fight and That he knows he is a badass cop but warns him that he has already been exposed to the cenobites him and his wife so he needs to protect her because if they want to collect more souls they know who to come to.

Jimmy promised to finish this job. Sean gets his wife Susan and decides to take her away from the city.

Shame on the Night being playing by Dio




Jimmy is pulling up to the nightclub and gets out of the car and opens his trunk and pulls open his old army bag and pulls a semi-automatic uzi and loads it up with explosive rounds and puts hollow points in his Desert Eagle and puts on body armor. Joey shows up at the nightclub with her cameraman Doc and they sneak into the club.

J.P. Monroe and the Laments are having their meeting and The Engineer shows up hooked chains come out of nowhere and hook up all the Laments ripping them to pieces with the chains. Joey is shocked by the gore and her cameraman is hooked in the face and his face is pulled apart. the Engineer can feel that Joey has the puzzle box on her and he asks for it.

Joey denies him and he brings the Laments back to life as Cenobites. They surround Joey and The Engineer says They will tear your soul apart. Jimmy drives his car through the nightclub and Jimmy gets out of the car and opens fire on the cenobites blowing them into pieces. Jimmy sees the Engineer and Jimmy tells Joey to run. Jimmy goes to confront The Engineer.

The Engineer says Raphael The angel without a home. You shouldn't be here You know the rules about Angels and Demons. Jimmy says Well I really don't give a fuck and he opens fire on The Engineer.

The Engineer sends the hook chains at Jimmy and he dodges them. The Engineer sends more cenobites after Joey.

Jimmy grabs a chain and swings toward The Engineer and spins a kick toward his head. The Engineer grabs his leg and tosses him to a wall. The Engineer leaves the nightclub. Cenobites come out of the darkness and attack Jimmy. He pulls out his combat knives start slicing and fighting his way out of the nightclub and grabs his uzi off the floor and mows down the cenobites.

Jimmy sees Joey being chased down the street by Cenobites and The Engineer. Police cars show up and The Cops are trying to stop Cenobites but they are brutally murdered in the process. Jimmy is running down the streets with his gun.

Jimmy sees a trap forming and Jimmy runs down a different path to catch up with Joey. Cenobites surround the construction site where Joey has no place to go. Jimmy shows up behind The chatter cenobites and tears off its head with his knife. Jimmy pulls out his Desert Eagle and shoots at the remaining Cenobites blowing pieces off of their bodies. Jimmy says Open the box and send these fuckers to Hell.

Joey attempts to open the box and The Engineer appears to her as her dead father who died in Vietnam and tells don't do it, baby, if you open that box you will lose me forever and he walks over to Joey. Jimmy sneaks up on puts his knife through the Engineer's heart.

Joey realized that The Engineer has tried to trick her and Joey opens the box and sends The Engineer to Hell.

Joey throws the box into a hole in the ground and pours cement on top of it and Jimmy tells her there are many boxes around the world. Joey says They won't get this one.

Six Years Later Jimmy has been keeping tabs on Murders caused by the Laments and he notices a picture of a demon who goes by the name Angelique who had met years ago and fell in love with during 1960s and married her he knew she was a demon and she was on the good path until a tragic event trigger her to go back to her evil ways.

Jimmy tracks down Angelique who is using the descendent of the original Lament Configuration box, John Merchant to create a new box to destroy Hell and the cenobites.

Jimmy shows up and busts down the door to find The Engineer with Merchant suspended in the air by hooked chains in front of his wife and child. Angelique turns around and recognized Jimmy. The Engineer is surprised and Jimmy opens fire with his Desert Eagle and shoots the hook chains off of Merchant. Jimmy shoots at The Engineer. The Engineer tells Angelique to kill the wife and child and she hesitates.

The Engineer is angered and The Engineer attempts to shoot the hook chains at Merchant's family and Merchant screams out No !!!!!!!! Jimmy jumps in front of the family and takes the hooks for them.

The Engineer walks up to a hookup Jimmy and tells him I guess I hook up a bigger fish. Angelique says You know you can't take an Angel to Hell. The Engineer says Fuck the Rules Raphael your suffering will be legendary in Hell. The Merchant's wife opens up Angelique's box and it sends Angelique and The Engineer who at last minute drags Jimmy to Hell with them. Jimmy wakes up in Hell surrounded by Cenobites who are slowly ripping the skin off of his body. The Engineer shows up full of rage about to take pleasure about to rip the rest of the skin off his body is stopped by the Leviathan telling the Engineer that bringing Raphael to Hell was a grave mistake due to not only being an Angel but also Samiel's aka the devil little brother. Leviathan says We only take humans. If you kill Raphael you will bring an army of angels to Hell.

The Engineer lets Jimmy and as he walks away He looks in the eyes of Angelique. He flashbacks to 1975 when he came home after Vietnam to be reunited with her. They made love for days. They went on a road trip around Texas.

Jimmy is pulled from his flashback as Mazikeen calls from the darkness and tells Raphael That his brother Lucifer is the reason for his rescue and tells her to follow her and she leaves him through a burning city that look like New york and there is Lucifer sitting in a office and he says Hello Little Brother.

The End.

Mr. Violence Will Be Back!