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Mr. Violence Begins

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Victor T Robinson II

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Mr. Violence Begins by MovieGuyVic
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Mr. Violence is about An Angel named Raphael whose main brothers are Micheal, Gabriel, and Samael aka Lucifer, and their main sister Jophiel who betrayed his big brother Samael by stabbing him in the back literally during the battle of heaven which causes Samael and his fellow angels get cast out into oblivion which becomes Hell. Centuries after That Raphael would be a guardian to watch over some of the humans on Earth but after centuries of watching human suffering. In 32 B.C Raphael would get involved in the lives of the humans he was supposed to watch. He decided to deal with the threat which was the Romans and the Emperor he would exact vengeance on them. He would make an alter-ego for himself a masked man called Mr.Violence. Throughout the centuries and decades, he would kill Kings, Warriors, Vampires, and Demons and would become a King of Britain at one time and King of the Pirates aka King of the Sea. In the 1980s He would become an F.B.I agent and would take on Serial Killers and many more

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Victor Robinson

Victor Tyrone Robinson II born 1987 in Washington D.C but raised in Montgomery, Alabama who spend most of his time working at WalMart but dreams for entertaining the world with his amazing stories I always thought I wanted to be a Movie star but I am really a fan of movies. A movie lover. Movies make me feel so good on a bad day. Movies make me like anything is possible. Life without Movies is nonetheles. But I do write books so sooner or later I want to make them into films got the New Generation. I am Victor Robinson II I am an Author, Podcaster, Tiktok and Entertainer. A Creator of The SledgeHammer Series and Troy Alexander 005. Check out my books on Amazon.Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Open Minded, Knowledge and Self Love

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