Darkest hour before dawn, I wait,

My heart racing, I stand and tremble,

Soon she comes; my lover, my mate.


Cold wind blows and ruffles my fur,

My pulse pounding; I catch her scent,

Hidden in shadows, I crave her.


Bathed in moonlight, she stalks and prowls,

My body tensing; I ready for her pounce,

Nothing more powerful than our mingled cries and howls.


Creatures of the night cringe in awe and fear,

My soul soaring; I both dominate and submit,

I bay in pain and ecstasy as she sheds a tear.


Enveloped and caressed by night’s sweet kiss, together we came,

My blood thundering; I take her higher,

Angels weep for joy and demons rage in shame.


My lover and I; no bond is stronger,

Twin spirits have become one; the Mothers and Fathers rejoice,

Our power will be denied no longer.


Fiends of darkness, flee before our light,

Before us, you can do naught but bow,

You cannot rule, whether day or night.


Dawns glow approaches, though I feel no fright,

My lover, my mate stands beside me,

She alone has shown me the pleasure in light.


Sunlight warms my fur; I am free to play,

Curling together in slumber; we are protected,

Dreams of contentment and ecstasy, we grow stronger each day.


Heaven sent, and earth bound,

Our love magnifies and spreads to surround,

Nature or nurture, no stronger pair can be found.