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The Perfect Crime

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The Perfect Crime by Euphrates26
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Mary remembered the cake her mother baked yesterday and started to skip with anticipation, when something jerked her backward and covered her mouth.

A voice whispered close to her ear, “Make a sound and your mother will die. She’s in my van, and any noise from you will make my friend slice her throat.”

Too many emotions hit Mary at once, and a small whimper escaped, but she refused to scream. She’d do anything to protect her mom, and maybe if the men kept them together, her mom could save them.


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Anita (A.M.Carlisle)

I am a voracious reader, avid gamer, and animal lover, I'm happiest reading, writing, and spending time with her family, friends, dogs and doing things outdoors. Camping, hiking, fishing and adventures are my R&R.


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