If you’re reading this, that means one of two things, you’re either an adventurer thinking of leaving out on adventures or, you want to just read from the safety of your home and live out vicariously through my life. Here’s to you, the vicarious one and not an adventurer. Adventurers, maybe you should stop reading now and rethink a different career path. I’m getting ahead of myself though. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we.

My name is Castya, and I’m turning 18 soon. I’m 5 and half feet tall with an athletic build. While my family has black hair and hazel eyes, I have a dark fiery red hair and stunning green eyes. My mom always said it's from an ancestor on her side of the family. We live in a town called Zaira with a clear view of Mount Tishdora. A thing about Tishdora is that it is full of explorative dungeons, and I was always eager to explore the dungeons. 

My older brother left five years ago to explore them and never came back. No one knows if he survived, was killed, or just held captured by the many monsters that linger within. Since my brother never returned, my parents didn’t want me to leave tomorrow. See, at the age of 18, you can choose to become an adventurer or another career path, and since I was always drawn to Tishdora, I’m choosing to be an adventurer. 

My whole life, I’ve read all the books, maps, or anything I can get my hands on about the dungeons and the mountain. You can never be too prepared for this lifestyle. So, on my last night of being 17, I packed my bag full of supplies that I believed I would be needing for tomorrow. After double-checking that I had everything I required, I laid down to try to get some sleep. The excitement of the new life ahead of me kept the dreams away, so I just laid there staring out my window at Tishdora. 

I must have drifted off because I awoke to over hearing my parents planning on how to keep me there. Deep down, I knew they would try this, especially after my brother. So, I got out of bed quietly, made the bed and left a note behind. Picking up my supplies, I went out my window and headed out for the adventures I thought I always wanted. 

Coming up on the path that lead to the dungeons from town, I turned and looked over the only city I ever knew. After a moment, I pulled up my bag and turned and continued up the path. I was headed to the bottom level of the dungeons when I happened to notice a covered up trail. Being an adventurer, I figured to explore this hidden trail. Going through the over growth, I finally came across a door. It was odd finding a dungeon door here. I pulled out my maps, but didn’t find this entrance anywhere. 

After a moment, of going back forth if I should go back to the trail or explore this dungeon, I decided to explore it. I questioned why it wasn’t listed on the maps, and if I should just turn around. I decided to explore the dungeon. Not only that, but I mean, I’m an adventurer and a true adventurer would never turn down an adventure. I could discover a new dungeon that no one has ventured into yet. 

This door had a symbol on the front, just like all other dungeons, to let you know what you will encounter inside. This symbol looked like a melting gum drop. I’ve never seen this symbol before, so I was still completely clueless as to what I was going to encounter inside. I shrugged and went to open the door. It wouldn’t budge. Standing back, I looked at it puzzled. If it wouldn’t open, how was I supposed to get in. This is supposed to be easy, go to the dungeons, open the door, and explore. You know, find the chest, fight the monsters, win the battles and go home. 

After a minute, I sat down outside, propped my head in my hands, and blew my hair out of my face. After about 30 minutes, I stood up and inspected the door to see if something was missing. Taking a few moments to inspect the door, I busted out laughing at my stupidity. This door, unlike the other dungeon doors, pulls open instead of pushing open. I entered the dungeon while laughing at my silliness. 

As the door closed behind me, torches along the wall started to flicker to life. A chill ran through me as a feeling I haven’t had since I was a child ran through me. Shrugging the feeling off, I adventured deeper into the unknown. It was a level one dungeon, so how bad can it be, right? Boy, was I ever wrong. As I explored deeper, I started seeing glittering within the walls. Different colors looking back at me. Moving closer to the wall to examine this wall of rainbows, I found gems bigger than my fist buried deep within the walls. Slapping my hand against my forehead, I shook my head due to the fact I didn’t think to pack a pick ax. I decided that I would have to keep an eye out for any that may have falling out of the wall as I moved deeper within the dungeon. 

I’ve never seen gems in person, only in the books I used to study the dungeons. It was definitely a site to behold. I hoped that I would find some lying around or even in a chest. Moving deeper, I noticed a small indention in the wall, as I moved closer, I realized I found my first chest. Excitement ran through me to the point I started hopping up and down. Leaning down, I opened the chest just to find disappointment. It wasn’t gems, or a weapon, I only found provisions for the trip. I gathered a few items and closed the chest back. Maybe I’ll find more chest before the monster.

Moving deeper down the corridor, I came to a chamber that had two ways to go. I looked to the left, then to the right, trying to figure out the best way to go. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I felt a tag to go left. Trusting my gut instincts, I went left. Walking for just a few minutes, another chest came into sight. Going to this one, I didn’t get my hopes up of finding what I wanted. As I opened it, a glittery light started to show. More excitement filled me since I found what I was hoping for with the first one. I noticed some purple slimy stuff on some of them, but just shook my head and wiped them off before placing them in my bag. 

Continuing further down the hall, another chamber appeared. This one had a chest and a weapon rack. Entering the chamber excitedly, something in the corner caught my eye. I headed that way with my torch in hand since light didn’t touch that side of the chamber like someone wanted to keep whatever it was there hidden. I gasped and covered my mouth at what I was seeing. There, in the darkness of the chamber, I found a skeleton looking right back at me. Not understanding how it was here, since it seemed this dungeon hasn’t been explored or even discovered yet. After a few moments, I pushed the thoughts out of my mind and went back to the chest.

Opening the chest, I found vials of different color liquids. There were only three, a red, green, and blue. I lifted each one to see if there was anything written on them to inform me of what they could be. There was only one that still had a label on the bottom, but it was worn and added that I couldn’t make out what it said. I put them in my bag after deciding to take them with me for just in case. Moving on to the weapons rack, I found multiple weapons still in its inventory. Swords, spears, daggers, a bow with arrows, and staffs filled its holders. I’ve never used any weapons before, unless you count a shovel. I didn’t know I was supposed to choose what’s best for me. 

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath. When I opened them again, I inspected one of the swords on the rack. It was a slender sword with a curved blade. The handle was red color with an emerald embedded in it. Along the blade, it had a groove along it like it held something once upon a time. Looking back, I don’t know what it was, but I felt a pull towards this weapon. It was like it was meant for me. A red handle like my hair and an emerald like my eyes, so why not. Below, it had a matching cover to slide it in when I carried it. It was the funniest thing, when I picked it up, a wind blew through the chamber. Just another sign it was meant for me if you believe in signs. 

When I get out of this dungeon, I’m going to have to make a trip to the blacksmith to see if he knows any information on a sword like this. I looked over the other weapons to see if anything else I wanted. Nothing else grabbed my attention, so I attached my new-found sword to my let and went to the only exit I saw from the chamber. When I came to the opening, I laid my hand against the wall. On the wall, my hand touched more of the slimy stuff I found earlier. Making a disgusted face, I removed my hand from the wall and continued onward. 

The further I travelled down this tunnel, the more purple slimy stuff I found. Deeper and deeper I went until the purple slime started to glow. It was fascinating. After the last chamber, and all the glowing stuff, I must be getting close to the monster that resided in this dungeon. Excitement filled me to know my first monster is getting closer. I almost started skipping at my excitement, but had to remind myself that it didn’t matter whether this was a level one or not, it could still be layered with traps. Taking a few moments, I had to collect myself and thoughts, so I could stay aware of what’s going on around me. 

Up ahead came an opening that had an iridescent purple color. It was the same stuff I’ve been seeing here and there through this dungeon. Being as inexperienced as I was, I couldn’t figure out what kind of monster it could be. As I was trying to figure it out, I got sidetracked and lost in thought. Yep, you guessed it, while I’m lost in thought, I got stuck in this wonderful purple slime. How could I be this foolish? 

What was I supposed to do now? Being trapped and no clue about the slimy stuff or even how to get out of it. Then something strange started to happen, I started to hear the most beautiful, musical sound of someone humming. It was so soothing and relaxing that I started to relax and not worry about being trapped in the slime. That’s when this creature appeared. I started realized, this is the monster that I needed to defeat, and here I was, trapped. 

The creature was made of the same purple iridescence that I’ve been seeing. This was a slime monster, or better yet, a slime girl. Besides being purple, and drippy, she looked like a normal teenage girl. As she moved closer to me, I started to make out more of her features. The slime girl had a sweet and innocent face, with doe eyes to match. Her hair was short, cupping her face. How could this monster look so human? I couldn’t help but to just stare in awe at her. 

As the slime girl moved closer, she introduced herself as Midrina. She said that she’s been waiting for someone to come visit her again, that it’s been far too long. 

Midrina’s sweet voice was like a medley. It kept me in a trance like state. When Midrina turned to go back to the chamber, I couldn’t help but follow her. It was like I was aware of what’s going on and my surroundings, but I couldn’t help myself. I started wondering, is this how my adventuring ends. 

As we entered the larger chamber, Midrina stopped and turned around, and started to look me over. I started to feel a little uncomfortable at how Midrina was looking at me with a devious smile. 

Before I knew it, Midrina grabbed my hands, and pushed me against the wall. I dropped my bags full of items in the surprise. She was so closed to me now that I could catch a scent of lavender coming from her. While I was once again preoccupied, I didn’t even realize that Midrina was chaining me to the chamber wall. Oh, what a power this monster has to keep me in a trance. 

Midrina slowly backed away from me, observing her handy work and, what seemed to be, inspecting me. Then she smirked, turned around, and giddily skipped away from me. I yelled after her, pulling against my restraints, but it just echoed off the empty chamber. 

After what seemed like forever, Midrina returned with a goblet containing a golden liquid and a small plate with what looked to be small cookies on it. She had such a childlike smile as she skipped very skillfully towards me without spilling anything. Being cuffed to the wall, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. 

As Midrina got closer to me, she put the goblet to my mouth. Of course, not knowing what it was, I pulled away. At this act, she put a pouty face on. She held my head in place this time and poured the golden liquid in my mouth. It tasted delicious, refreshing even. I asked her what it was. She laughed and called me a silly girl. This is what we call nectar, it’ll keep you refreshed. In the old days, only the gods could drink it, or someone who had god blood in their veins. 

I started feeling strange after drinking the goblet filled with nectar. Looking at the slime girl before me, I asked about the cookies. She shrugged and said they weren’t anything special, just simple cookies. Eating one and turning down the rest caused Midrina to be pouty again. Thinking this as childish of her, I wondered if she was grown or still a child. 

The slime girl set down the goblet and plate with the uneaten cookies on the chamber floor. She had an evil look about her as she moved closer. Her look quickly changed to one of interest and maybe a little fear. 

Midrina sensed something changed within Castya. She couldn’t tell what, but it was something of interest and fear. She backed away, picked up the goblet and plate, and left once more. I called after her, but she just ignored me and left the room.

With the weird feeling deep inside, I just wanted sleep. Eventually, I passed out. I’m not certain how much time passed before I came too. My arms hurt, and I had marks around my wrist where from where I passed out and pulled the cuffs against the skin. 

In the distance, from a dark part of the chamber I couldn’t see, I started hearing that innocent but evil laugh. Midrina slowly came in to view. She was empty-handed this time. I still felt a little odd, but at the same time, like something had changed in me from the nectar she gave me earlier. Waving her hand, the cuffs fell away, and I fell to the floor. I sat up on my knees and rubbed at my wrist to get the soreness out of them. 

As she walked closer to me, Midrina sniffed the air and her evil look turned slightly into something of fear. I wonder what could be causing her expression to change, is she sensing something about me? As I was thinking this, she lifted her arms and I lifted with them. A look of surprise and fear crossed my face, I’m confident. I looked down and saw just how she was lifting me. As I was looking down, she threw me across the chamber with just a flick of her hand. I hit the chamber floor hard, knocking the wind from my chest. Shockingly, I recovered pretty fast. Standing up, Midrina’s look of fear and shock deepened. She started looking as if she’s seeing a ghost. 

She was looking me over like there was something crawling all over me. I started to look down, but didn’t have to. A blue glow was starting around my hands. I lifted my hands, wondering what it could be. As I looked with surprise, it faded and the evil smirk once again showed on Midrina’s face. Then she started laughing, saying,“ and here I thought I was seeing the ghost of my past.” After saying this, she grabbed me, wrapping me up in her slime until only my head was showing. 

I struggled against my restraints, but it was no use, the slime was too thick to fight. Midrina started moving closer to me, and lifted her arms, controlling the slime and lifting me up until I was hovering a little above her head. She laughed evilly and walked away, leaving me trapped in slime in the air. 

Hovering there in the air, I started getting frustrated and angry. This is not how this is going to end for me. Not on my first adventure out. This level one dungeon isn’t going to defeat me. I am Castya Sherwood and this is not how my life will end. I’m a strong, intelligent young woman and still have my whole life ahead of me. As I was thinking this, the evil laugh filled the chamber once more, but Midrina never showed herself. 

Then out of nowhere, my head was covered in slime. I was just hanging there in this huge slime bubble with no idea how I was going to escape. I started to panic. Then Midrina showed her sweet, innocent, evilness. Oh, if looks could kill, my look of panic mixed with anger surely would’ve done it for sure. 

As she stood there, staring at me, it actually calmed my panic. I just started getting mad. I felt something inside start growing along with my anger. Midrina look started to change, like she sensed whatever was growing inside me. At that look, I embraced it, let it consume me. Something that looked like a blue hue engulf me and blasted out. It froze the slime as it made ice projectiles. One of them hit Midrina’s cheek, causing a scream to come from her. 

I noticed the cut after hitting the ground. So, it seems like I could hurt her somehow, just not sure how yet. The blue hue was still radiating from my hands, I wondered what would happen if I touched her. I lunged at her, but I was too slow, she dodged it in her anger at being cut. As I turned, she hit me across my body with such strength that I flew across the chamber, hitting the wall. This time it was a good wall. For near reach was my bag and my new-found sword. 

As soon as I grabbed my sword, Midrina knocked me half-way to the other side. I started getting frustrated, and even more angry. The blue hue that surrounded my hand started to cover my sword. A wicked smile spread across my face. This time, when I attacked Midrina, I landed my blade. The part that it hit froze. Fear spread across Midrina’s face.

When I noticed what was happening, a thought came to mind. This is coming to an end of this battle. I got a surge of energy as fear went through her. A battle cry left my mouth, I stretched out my hands and a beam of blue left them and struck Midrina straight on. She screamed as it struck her. 

She started to freeze where it hit her. It spread until she was nothing but a frozen statue of herself. Arms spread wide, mouth open from her scream. I knew what I needed to do to escape this nightmare of a dungeon. I picked up the biggest boulder I could lift, then slammed it down on the frozen slime girl named Midrina. Shattering her, killing her so I could escape. 

As the pieces fell to the ground, I walked over to gather my bag. The exit portal showed itself along with the chest. I went over to the chest and opened to see what my reward for defeating this dungeon. It was filled with gold. So, this is my reward for taking a life. I added the gold to my bag and left through the exit. 

I arrived in town at the adventurer return spot. It’s located in the middle of the town near a fountain. People cheered at my return, I just pulled my bag up and tuned everyone out. I surprised my parents as I walked in that afternoon. My mom even dropped the plate she was washing. They rushed to hug me, but as they got closer, they noticed the change in me. The one that will be there forever, even though it was a monster, I took a life. 

I shrugged out of their arms and went to my room. Through off my bag and clothes and took a long hot bath. Afterward, I just went to bed. All I wanted to do was sleep. 

After rest, the next stage begins. Finding out more information about this interesting sword I found, and most importantly, about my heritage.