I open my eyes to the glaring sun. Bless Ra for bringing it to me. Although he could turn the brightness down a bit. My eyes hurt from the glare. It’s near blinding until my eyes manage to adjust. The glare from the sheer light of it burns my eyes.

“Shino!” The familiar voice of my little brother barrels out into the air. His name is Isake. He is practically the runt of our group.

Isake was always known for causing trouble around here. However, there are not many of us who have bore children which survive the harsh cold season. When the grounds cover in the snows. Many die each year from many ailments and issues the cold season brings.

“What?” my voice grunts from morning irritation. I never was much for mornings.

I already find myself figuring he's just waking me up to entertain him. He falls under the illusion of boredom when he gets restless like this. I haven’t any idea what is going on with him lately, it's almost as if he can’t have as much of my time as possible. He causes trouble so that the village scolds both of us. They scold him for the pranks and me for not teaching him better.

“Shaman Ino wants your audience.” He replies.

I was appointed by the demi-god Kisira, famed for her defeat of Seth. Her partner, who we are not permitted to name. Her partner helped her out in the hell we know was under the rule of Seth. When I was small, she said that her partner didn't make it to this world. We no longer use his name out of Respect of the wishes of Kisira. She hasn’t been here in a while. I hope to meet her again soon. She told many tales of her father and the hell he had produced for the population.

Now the thought that he may be serious about this intention for once is entering my mind. This seems a little out of the ordinary in the nature of his pranks. This isn’t sitting right in my stomach as more of the dawning realization of my brother may be telling me the truth. It may be my turn to see her again. However, this hasn’t happened twice in a lifetime for some reason.

“Okay, I’ll head right over.” I reply. My knowledge of the area is not relevant.

I need only look to the valley and locate Ino. It is a rather pleasant group of people. Although, it is the only group of people I have come to knowing. Let alone hear rumour.

No buildings are in our little area of the valley. We all simply enjoy the normally beautiful hot weather. It seems we are lucky in how we all gathered. Kisira had picked the area out. Although I must admit, the dragon we used to 'protect' us is not exactly helpful. It sometimes will come and take the settlers from the area. This area is phenomenal for the vegetation around. At least during the warmer times.

I stand up and look about the valley. As far as I can tell, it’s a normal day. This is our home. People are out gathering. I wish I knew of other food. I can’t come to appreciate the way our food tastes. Simple beans and apples they seem to be our most common of vegetation. As I look around, I find myself looking at Ino, the person with the only head of golden hair in the area. Who knows why she got the unique hair colour. When I look some of the people are missing. I can’t tell who though. I have to get closer. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Iskantravil, our local mountain dragon, had gotten to them. It has happened before. He gets hungry, just as we do, the acceptation, it eats us from time to time.

‘Go to her.’ I hear a low vibrating tone command to me. It is almost as though they whispered it from right behind my ears.

I feel a shiver in my spine as I turn to see no one is there. Even my little brother has turned off to the group. This feeling is rather unsettling. I decide to take that as a hint and walk to Ino’s location, which is surprisingly closer to the tree line than most others. I look as I walk closer; she holds a few coloured flowers of pink and blue. She has what I assume is tears falling from her face. This can’t be good news.

“Shino!” she says as she see’s me approach to her. I simply offer a hug, where she cries for but a moment. “I hold dreadful news.” She adds. I can’t think, with a feeling of sickness rise up through my body.

“The dragon again?” I ask.

“No, another group!” I hear the tension in her voice. Where would another group come from?

“What? Other humans?” I ask in sheer shock at the words she says.

“Kind of...” Her voice trails off for a moment. “Ones with pointed ears.” She says. Now she has to be pulling my leg. This can’t be real.

The idea now sounds like Isake’s just gotten pranks to be a little more contagious in the settlement area. We all know this is unlikely. We never even heard of other settlements, let alone ones with unique looks than us or Kisira’s legends?

“Pointed ears?” The sarcasm finds its way from my mouth. I never heard of anything where humans had pointed ears. This is near mad for her saying this. “What do we know?”

“They don’t age, and simply they hide well in the forest as well. There are many in numbers. They have more than us by far.” She says. Her brows furrow. “You are our best tracker, though, Shino.” She states.

There is only one tracker. I am one of the few people who hunt in this area. I hardly even enter the tree line. Prior to today, I had not heard of any other intelligent beings. I need to learn more about this species. This also may be the very thing that ends my life. I don’t know where the voice I heard earlier came from, though it felt like it was my own.

“Towards the sunrise. I haven’t got an idea as to how far they actually reside.” I can’t help but feel a little discouraged. I need to follow tracks that I don’t recall knowing anything about. For all I know, they may have twice the foot size as I do.

“Who all is missing?” I ask to try making it easier to follow the tracks, should I even find them.

“They have Serra, Kina and Morris.” She replies dryly. “I have no idea of the intent of the other group.” She adds.

I simply nod and turn towards the sun. A sigh escapes my lips. Ra, I pray, will guide me through the hours of need. He should hear my prayers. The closest tree line to the sunrise is the one I walk towards. The sweat is rolling down my cheeks. I don’t think of what to do with my brother; I know our people will help him. This is how I meant it to be.

As I approach the tree line, I take note of a cracked and slightly beaten path of where they had to have come from, if not had gone back through. I wish I knew how to light the pathway for when I enter. The inside of the tree line is dark and smells of a strong green wetness. The moisture is thick. I can tell that it's grown with a lot of vegetation that we never seen before in the clearing. The unfamiliar smells of floral scents and heavy moisture are nearly overwhelming. I close my eyes. Oh, too bad Kisira could not teach me the spell to spawn light. If humans can even perform magic. I wish I could. Oh, how life would be much easier.

I let my ears do some work. There is a sound in the back of the woods. That sound is not something I like. A sharp howl from deep within the forest. I barely know humans, let alone any creature which could harm humans. I know of the bears, as they sometimes wander down the river to our clearing. However, I don’t recognize the howl. I wish I had an idea of what lurks inside the trees.

My fear grips me intensely. Almost, I can't breathe. I know I can feel my body shaking from angst. I haven’t left before, and am I really able to leave and stay alive? I hope I have the skills required for the instances. When my father spoke about hunting, I try to remember that we can outsmart the animals. It is our place in this world to live and become stronger. We get wiser, which we use as strength too. It is too bad when the cold season hit; it had made him full of water in his lungs. He would cough plenty of it out, but it wasn’t enough for him to survive the entire cold season.

Ino placed faith in me, so I must at least give it my best shot. I am hoping my skills are sufficient. I feel a sudden rush of energy flow from my forehead. The spread takes over my body and I step my foot into the brush. My spine hairs curl as I feel goosebumps all the way along. I hear chirping and a shrill caw from the distance. The grass whistles lightly as I begin to follow the fairly far apart footprints. It feels like hours when I finally can't see the exit of the woods. Angst fills my heart. Now I can't look back at my home. I think of how much safer my home is. It dawns on me. There is no choice but to go forth with nothing but sheer determination.

A sudden rushing brush of leaves startles my hearing as I turn towards my right and find what looks like some kind of wolf. Small in height. Only half way up my shin I would guess at this distance. Their teeth are born at me. I know I have invaded what this things territory is. I hold my breath.

It backs away slowly as its fuzzy brown body disappears into the bushes once more. The sudden flow of relief washes over me. I wonder if anyone had an idea of these things in the bush. I hear another howl and my body trembles. It's closer this time. My heart is pounding. Let Anubis keep me safe from danger. I release my breath and thank Anubis I survived that. It merely took me one wrong step for that to have killed me.

My body trembles as I continue down the path. I know that I may never return to my little clearing. Eventually, I find the forest has gotten thick and swallows my essence deeply. I can't tell where I am. I know I must press onward. The footprints now have become more sporadic as I get farther along. A large dent in the dirt floor of the forest trips me.

As I look over while laying in the dirt, my naked body sore from the fall. I can't help but examine the dent. It looks to be as though someone fell rather hard here. It split two sets of footprints off and now I know they escaped. The ones who took the three are simply afraid of being lost in the woods, I would assume. As I try to figure out which sets belong to who, I realize that they were actually being hunted via bow and arrows. Many of them merely be blunt ended. I assume for the purpose or capture, rather than for the kill.

I follow the key set of the group's footprints and cry silently. Knowing that I too, may end up lost like the other two who parted from the path. I hear a quiet crack of a branch and I halt in my path. A feminine gasp escapes into the air.

“who’s there?!” I call out.

“d-don’t hurt me! Please, I don’t want trouble, sir!” I recognize this voice that replies to me.

“Serra? That you?” I ask out as the blonde, tall woman emerges just as stark naked as I. We have no way of hiding the arousal we may have, unfortunately.

“yeah, that’s you, isn’t it Shino?” she replies with a soft voice.

“Yeah, it's me.” I say. My eyes can't help but wander over her dirt covered body. She had been the one who had fallen, I suppose.

“What are you doing out here?” she asks. My simple arousal is more than apparent. I assume she is ignoring it because she is scared, or so I think.

“Ino sent me to find you, Kina and Morris.” I reply.

“So you’re going to find them?” she asks.

“yeah.” I reply. She giggles a moment and then nods.

“then ill come with you.” she says.

My mind is racing already, and now I need to protect another person on top of me. I don’t know how I feel about it. Her trust may just be in me. Though my trust in myself is lacking. The thought of her relying on me kills what was visible.

“what’s wrong Shino?” she asks.

“nothing, let's go.” my mind collects itself as I shake my head.

I lead the way and walk through by following the tracks. We both are quiet and uncertain. Its easy for me to notice as she is sticking right beside me. She doesn’t want to be lost more than she already is it seems.

“so, what do these people look like? The ones who took you?” I ask.

She looks down for a moment. “well…” she sighed. “all I know is they look the same as us… just have these weird things they used to hide their body and also have pointy ears.” she elaborates.

“Wait, they hide their bodies?” I ask. The idea is near shocking, let alone revolting.

“yeah they didn’t like that I didn’t hide mine” she says. “I suppose its what they are used to.” she sighs.

I can’t begin to wrap my mind around this concept. What could they possibly feel the need for such behaviour? I want to know.

“I see.” As we go on, I say. My stomach growls. I haven’t eaten yet today.

“You didn’t bring food?” she asks.

“I didn’t realize it until now.” I reply.

“Shino, you dumb ball.” she shakes her head.

“I know. I know.”

“you’d lose your own head if it wasn’t a part of your body.” she chuckles.

“I know. Let's hurry and hope the other humans are friendly.” I say.

“oh and Shino…” she says.

“yeah?” I reply.

“they kind of… I don’t know…” her voice is hesitant. “you honestly would think I have gone mad.” she adds.

“What is it?” I reply.

“they could use light. Like the sun uses.” she says. She is right. I do think she has gone mad. Utterly gone from our world.

“What do you mean?” I ask. I seriously doubt this is true. The only magic user is Kisira, who no longer is around.

The amount of disbelief that is flowing into my head is beyond my understanding. Perhaps I need to return her back to the settlement immediately. It may just spare her mind.

“Well, they used light, like Kisira used fire.” She says. “I figured her magic was only a tale.” she adds.

“You saw this with your own eyes?” I ask.


We both stop walking a moment. My mind is beginning to race. Although I admit it is unlikely. I begin walking once more and she slowly follows. I look into the trees and see orange through the thickened leaves. It is near night time. I haven’t any idea what lays in the woods at dark. I didn’t think I would be here this long. I thought I would have been in with the other humans by now.

“Shino… we need to get out of here. I don’t want to know what is here when it is dark.” the tension in her voice is true. I look into her eyes and they are of an emerald green.

“I know Serra. I won't let anything happen to you.” Hardly believing my own words, I speak. The little brown thing from earlier could easily have killed me, I would think.

“if you're sure, Shino.” Serra holds her hands behind her back.

“Maybe we should make something to help with that.” I say.

After I finish the sentence, I hear a loud roar. Its Iskantravil by the sounds of it. Oh, help us Anubis. This is our time of need. I can't protect us from a dragon.

“S-shino… we should hurry now.” She says as I feel the ground vibrate.

“definitely!” I grab her wrist and start running through the trail of footprints.

“Ahh!” I hear a male cry out. Morris! Gods damn him, I can't do this with a dragon around.

“Should we help them?” Serra asks as we come a halt.

“dammit. We should help them. Serra, which way did that scream come from?” I ask.

‘you can save him… let me guide you.’ I hear a faint whisper say.

“right! Let's go Shino!” Serra yells out.

We both start running towards the scream. My heart is racing. Please let Morris be okay. We need him.

“Ahh!” we hear another scream followed by another rumble. We are getting close to the dragon.

“Serra that dragon is getting closer.” I say.

“then we better hurry!”

‘there is a clearing to the right, go wait there.’ the whisper comes again. What is with me hearing things? If I don’t listen who knows what will happen.

“this way!” I shout and drag her along.

A few moments of running and we hit a clearing. There is a beach and woods all around us. A mountain to the left. We made it out of the woods.

“what are we doing here?” she asks.

“just wait and see.” I say calmly. Ironic considering I find comfort in my hallucination.

All of the sudden I see Morris running like a madman towards the beach. A giant red dragon stops at the clearing and breathes out an amazing black flame. It catches the nearby grass on fire and Morris flies into the water, the fire going above him. He should consider himself fortunate. The flames themselves burn greater than anything we know about.

‘call for her.’ the voice says.

The voice from earlier. How I continue to ponder on its source. It only speaks once in a while, but why?

“call for who?” I say. To my distress, there is no reply from the whispering voice.

“Kisira is rumoured to live out to the east from here!” Serra says with excitement. Let her be right.

“Kisira!” I call out and it was almost as if I presented my voice with another tone with my own.

From the eastern forest I see a purple flash as wind blows violently towards myself and Serra. The waters waves are crashing out into the grass extinguishing the flames the dragon had caused. My surprise goes to no end. I hold my breath and I see the shock on Serra’s face. They match my own as I see a distant black skinned figure. I cant believe my eyes. As though she knew to respond to my call. That or why else would there be a second tone when I spoke her name right there.

“You! You called me to save you from a dragon?!” she points and yells out to me. Suddenly she glides to us near silently and rather instantaneously. “You had his voice. How?” she now recognizes who I would be.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it would do that. Someone just told me where to go and what to say. So I did and now you're here.” I explain.

“is it even possible…?” she speaks to herself.

Disbelief and confusion is written on Serra's face. Probably similar to the one I hold on my face. Now that I’ve realized just that, this is no dream nor a figment of my imagination. This is really happening.

“Is what possible?” I ask.

“That Flamose selected you to be his next in line?” she is speaking in gibberish at this time.

“what?” my reply says.

“meaning he chose you in this line to be his vessel. He will ensure you a name of greatness.” She says.

“Right…” I say and am just as lost as earlier.

Now that I have gotten a good view of her, she is wearing a cloth hiding her skin from my sight. She, like the new humans, must feel embarrassed about their bodies. Why else would you wish to do so?

“You humans, still no coverings huh?” she fires a look at us.

“No but the long-eared ones are with coverings.” Serra says.

“The elves?” Kisira raises her curiosity.

“What are elves?” I ask.

“Elves were what the first set of what humans were meant to be at first. After a few generations, they realized magic should not have been given to mortal souls here. It isn’t like Helios and Heavith. Those souls are bound and immortal.” She says. “They gave elves the ability of magic and extended life, as to try to help their survival.” She adds.

“Then what is the purpose of having coverings for your body?” I ask.

“warmth during the cold times and some dignity to keep one's head from just arousal.” She says. “It helps other genders keep their heads about them.” She adds.

From the light of the embers, a very voluptuous figure emerges from the smoke. It gets darker as it approaches us. The wings of the figure spread as I learn to see that they are, in fact, covered by fabric. Their hair has fiery red tips, being white along with the rest.

“I could have sworn I heard his voice…” She says to herself.. I can’t actually tell what it is. It looks like a human, but with black skin and wings. If the thing in my head is what she is talking about.

“Heard who’s voice?” Serra asks.

“You couldn’t be meaning me. I shouted for a legend that’s been around since our abode started to seek shelter there.” I add.

“You’re the one who called for me?” She looks at me, her head half cocked back.

“Does that mean…?” Serra drifts off part way through her sentence.

We all stand in the circle in which we face one another. If only I was able to understand what this exactly means. It sinks in for me who she is, though. Kisira, the legend of our settlement. I have awaited the opportunity to see her once more.

“You are the world bringer.” I state.

“World Bringer?” The female laughter barrels from her. “Is that what you humans call me now?” She mocks the sound of our name very sarcastically.

“Kisira, the one who escaped Hell.” I reply.

“Yep, I guess that’s what you humans call me.” she says but then a puzzled look come across her face. “So then, where is Flamose?” Kisira asks.

“Flamiod?” I ask.

“Flamose. I take it he isn’t here with the two of you.” she sighs. “That’s odd, because Flamose sounded like the one to call me. Not someone like you, pipsqueak.” She huffs.

I can’t help but feel a bit of anger well within me. I know she is a superior being, but that does not enable her to be merely rude. It seems this attitude maybe her very downfall in this life of hers.

“Hey lady, I don’t care who you are-” I go to fend for myself when a hand hits my mouth.

“Ignore that, your majesty. He isn’t of a sound mind at this time.” Serra trying to save me and shut me up. I have to say the feeling is bitter sweet. I pull Serra’s hand from my mouth.

“Kisira, I Think you need a little more respect for those who honour your laws and live to only follow your guidance. We humans, as you say, don’t have to worship-” I find myself again cut off by an action. This time I am glad to see my nose is still attached. The end of what looks to be a shiny miniature spear is pinching the middle of my forehead. I can feel warm fluid run down my forehead and dripping from my nose. I simply freeze.

“Kisira, please, don’t hurt Shino. He means well, he really does.” Serra tries to defend the possibility of me living through this moment.

“How did you know his voice?” she asks, the blade pushing into my skull. My head feels as though it will explode.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I reply.

“Don’t play stupid.” Kisira says.

‘Cats out of the bag now Shino, I am Flamose. You're my Spirit Descendant.’ The voice that told me to call her, of course, is who she is looking for.

“He says I am a spirit descendant. what does that mean?” I say.

“Flamose… he is here…. he died in the wars….” she sighs and wipes a few tears away.

It dawns on me. She and her aid had been the lead of the union of forces against the God Seth. I can't imagine the possibility of anyone being able to lead such a war. Does this mean I only am to see more greatness in the time I live? Are we truly one in the same?

”That explains why I haven’t seen his molten ass in over a century!” she shakes her head. “Can I ask you to loan your body to him for a minute, Shino?” She asks suddenly with a very sweet and friendly tone… she just went from the demon bird of all death and then went to the friendly, spirited phoenix, showing off lights for amazement.

‘If you don’t let me, I will do it anyway.’ Flamose says to me.

“Doesn’t seem like you guys give me a choice.” I say when suddenly I am pulled into a dark, clouded room with one very bright window. I assume it's what I see. My head bobs from side to side as I hear the joints in my neck crack.

“Shino… are you okay?” Serra asks.

“Your flesh toy will be back soon enough.” What sounds like my voice calls out, however, I didn’t say that.

“Now, now Hot-Shot, Play nice with the human.” She giggles.

“So, I guess you're pissed I tried killing your dad again.” I hear my voice crackle. Kisira is laughing, her smile is actually pleasant too.

"No, I'm just pissed you tried to do it alone." She barks.

'So where do I fit in all this?' I ask.

"Not Now Shino." The one speaking must be Flamose. How is he speaking through my body? I wonder to myself.

"So, they share a body?" Serra asks.

"No, they are the same person, just Flamose is the core spirit. Shino is the remake, if that makes sense." Kisira tries to explain.

"Look, he and I share a soul. I already lived but, he is me, currently living. My memories are accessible to him." Flamose explains. It's still weird hearing my voice say another one's words.

'Wait.. so I can remember your life..?' I ask.

"So, not only does Shino get my memories, but my elemental magic, too." He speaks through my body again.

"So wait, you died knowing you'd just come back?" Kisira stares to my body.

"I just wanted us to have the new world and for us to be here, together. I was not risking your life to do that." He speaks through my voice.d

Whoa, someone's got explaining to do. I think as I see the glare come from her facial expression. I swear if it could stab me to death, it would.

"Flamose, you're truly a reckless idiot." Kisira yells at him and she begins to shine out light.

Before I can even think of anything, I am back in control of my body. What on Gaia is going on?! I ask in thought.

"Uh, okay." I raise my hands up into the air.

I feel rather petrified about what just happened. Kisira, the legends are true. She is real. The Draconus King myth is true too! Does this mean I am the next Draconus King? I wonder as my mind races. There is so much to know now.

"So there's two people in that body?" Serra tries to understand.

“Yes.” I say.

I can start feeling what Flamose was talking about. The heat that permeates from my body is seemingly excessive. I can feel his strength.