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Altarion's Cantos - May your wish come true by Obsydienn

A mysterious stranger makes a striking entrance at the coming-of-age celebration of the Ferhawen heiress. Without warning, without even introducing himself, he captures everyone's attention by inviting young Elyzara to dance a waltz straight out of fairy tales.


The Arrival Gate by Themagicpen
615/5 (1)00

A young woman works at an airport and notices the same person waiting in "arrivals" every week. Each time, they leave alone. One day, she musters the courage to ask who they are waiting for. They reply they are waiting for her...

An Electric Heart by CamRoze

An older teen girl aims to not only take in her father's footsteps of being a knight, but become a full fledged Elemental-Knight. With the Elemental-Knights, wars are prevented and even won, bringing honor to any who serve.

A world full of candy! by Njohnson0
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

Candy couldn’t remember a time before the sweet, sticky air of Lollipop Lane. Her home was a gingerbread cottage with gumdrop shingles and a peppermint-striped door, nestled amongst lollipop trees and candy floss hedges. The sun, a giant, swirling candy apple, cast a rosy glow on everything. Life was sweet, literally, and Candy knew nothing else.


The Princess' Destiny by YogeshBhatt
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

In this world, some people have to suffer painful lives and devastating fates. In a vast kingdom, an innocent princess hides such a painful story. Ever since she gained consciousness, she found herself in the lap of an ugly woman, not her father, a king, nor her mother, a queen. As such, this is fine. But the woman was no human being! She was a sea monster that had taken the disguise of a hideous woman to raise this princess, with evil and black intentions. She harboured much more than the peak of torture in her demonic soul and demonic mind. All of you must join this soul-stirring story, this fascinating journey. Those who were left behind are waiting.

Clash of the Gods by patshannon50
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge
5555/5 (1)01

Massive clouds of gas and dust formed the wondrous heavenly body named Planocia. Material from the universe settled on the newborn star since it drifted through the galaxy, far, far away, beyond the reach of time.

Long before the gods emerged, the land and sea were one. The forest spirits were the first beings to appear from the trees on Planocia. Soon after, water spirits materialized. The forest and ocean became two halves of a whole.


The kingdom of Eldoria by Themagicpen
2025/5 (1)00

In the kingdom of Eldoria, King Alexander ruled with compassion and justice until his wife, Queen Isabella, disappeared due to an evil warlock's curse. Despite rumors of her demise, the king remained hopeful and searched for her for years. One day, a mysterious woman arrived, and the king felt a connection. They spent time together, and memories of their past started returning...

The Magical Garden of Wishes by Themagicpen
1205/5 (1)00

Embark on a transformative journey through 'The Magical Garden of Wishes,' a captivating tale that unravels the secrets of the Law of Attraction. This story is more than words; it's a guide to shaping your reality. Let 'The Magical Garden of Wishes' be your compass to a life filled with abundance, purpose, and the magic of attracting your dreams.

Coming Of The Reaper by CamRoze

Steven is a young man about to be done with high school. He comes back from his school one day to discover his mother is not home yet. He soon discoveries he is to take after his forefathers and jump on board of the family business: Becoming a Grim Reaper. As Steven goes into the worlds events he had no idea of prior, he meets his partner for this job, Sylvie. 


Providence (Sample) by Watcher_008

The drums of war echo throughout the land. Unlikely allies unite once more for the sake of their own interpretations of God. Another Santificación has been called.


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