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Clash of the Gods by patshannon50
Part of May Challenge - Fantasy challenge

Massive clouds of gas and dust formed the wondrous heavenly body named Planocia. Material from the universe settled on the newborn star since it drifted through the galaxy, far, far away, beyond the reach of time.

Long before the gods emerged, the land and sea were one. The forest spirits were the first beings to appear from the trees on Planocia. Soon after, water spirits materialized. The forest and ocean became two halves of a whole.


Draknor: The Reign of Ina by MercenaryBlade

The beast regarded him with ice blue eyes. Draknor returned the gaze impassively, the two circled one another each daring the other to attack first. Scorpion tail and sword poised to strike.


The battle on the Auld Hag’s Mound by GeorgiosMan7

"He's right, my Captain", said the young woman. "We must drop back. The Bishmans managed to raise the cannons up the hill during the night."

"That's impossible. No one can raise these heavy cannons in the darkness."


Castya’s Adventures  by Javino

  Castya is a new adventurer heading out for her first dungeon. During the battle with the dungeon monster, she noticed something different about herself.

Where Destiny Called Us and Tore Us Apart by Kishyie

The day he saved her from slavers, fate decided that blood would be the price where their hearts were involved.


Time by Mikeme

This is a story about time from highly advanced civilization and ancient times. Here we learn about the struggle and fun two young adults encounter while navigating their lives at a completely different time, which they have never even heard of.

Extinction by CynicalCryptid

There aren't many places left that are zombie free, Quinn's hometown being one of them. Since the zombies haven't hit the town yet, school continues, much to the student's rage. One day, their classmate gets attacked. He doesn't know that he got bitten until he returns to school and starts craving human flesh. Next to go is someone close to Quinn. Then the whole town. How will they escape the flesh-eating monsters as the rest of their hometown is overrun by them?

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