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Welcome Everyone! Robert has written and holds copyrights to seven Award-Winning books. They are published at various locations in Kindle, epub and paperback editions. He stays motivated by the positive feedback and reviews about his stories. To date, Robert has been awarded Gold and Silver Awards from Literary Titan and 5-Star Awards from Readers' Favorite for his excellence in writing. Some of his books are dedicated to our Veterans and to those who serve and protect our freedom today. All Sales of Robert's books on Amazon-Smile help support the Chordoma Foundation, a Worthy Charity.

Robert enjoys reading, sports and the great outdoors, and truly believes, "It's never too late to learn something new"


Oviedo, Florida USA

MagNanoTron, a Bond of Brothers Thriller by RJS_Writing

. Back at Devcom, the big day came for Androvski and Darious Patel. They were finishing the last touches on the Magnanotron, and getting things ready for testing at the Maryland, Aberdeen proving grounds. They had a specially designed, 600-volt generator set up, connected to their device, and had hooked up several connectors to a sensor-filled test dummy, which was sitting in front of a large concrete-and-steel wall. The dummy looked like a man dressed in Army formals, holding a rifle. There was also a series of cameras set up, to film the entire demonstration. Out in the distance was big brass, including Special Forces Commander Ryan and Chief of Staff General Stanis.

Androvski was excited as he did a final check on everything, then looked at his trusted friend Darious Patel.


FULL CIRCLE, Lucia's Story by RJS_Writing

Robert's exciting new, and Award-Winning story is about faith, family and Lucia's struggle from the depths of darkness and despair. Find out what happens as Lucia and her family try to find peace and pray for a better life for themselves. The author brings us into the personal life of Lucia, the excitement and drama that unfolds on her journey. Things happen in life; does fate and luck come into play? Come along for the ride as Lucia starts a new life with her family and meet the new friends she finds along the way.


BULLETS AND BANDAGE: Bond of Brothers by RJS_Writing

We flew to Vietnam on January 10, 1968.

I was going to be part of Bravo Company, 21st Light Infantry. I thought about Vietnam, what it would be like, wondered how the men in country would treat their new Medic. The plane was full of excited troops chattering about the adventures which could be in store for us. The man in the seat next to me didn’t have much to say, though. I could see that he was a Marine sergeant; he looked to be much older than the rest of us.


Black Water, the China Connection by RJS_Writing
CompleteMaturePremium StoryPaid StoryAdventureThrillerHistoricalAction
1845/5 (1)00

Jason gathered his men and pulled out his uplink. He checked the GPS and compass settings and looked around. They had touched down on a high Plateau; he could make out the outline of a steep canyon ahead. “Looks like we head southwest, our target should be only a mile away.” He turned to Morales, “Let Capcom know we are down, and keep the com ready.” Jason pointed, “Tex, you’re on point, we follow single file. It is now 0430 hrs. Mountain Time, we got a few hours of darkness to get it done.” He looked at Derek, “you and me partner, remember, we need to take two of them alive if we can.”

Morales called it in and Capcom came back on the com., “Delta is go for target area, repeat Delta is go.”


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