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I'm a cat-loving social history enthusiast, with a particular interest in the history of food, and how it reflects societies. I love to feed people and am happiest sitting at a big table of friends, enjoying a shared meal.

I hope to develop my knowledge of the history of food, but probably not likely to publish a scholarly text.

Masterton, New Zealand

The Owls and the Pussycats by LindaTheNotSoCrazyCatLady
4605/5 (4)00

Gina reports on her observations about owls and her plans to unite the felines of the household in a mission to evict the resident Morepork.

This is a collaborative story and you're welcome to join in, create a chapter, and suggest the most creative ways to achieve the objectives of the mission.

Embarrassing Feline Moments by LindaTheNotSoCrazyCatLady
6155/5 (9)00

Gina shares one of her embarrassing moments and invites her friends to tell their own embarrassing stories.

This is a collaborative "book" and all are invited to create and add a chapter telling their own embarrassing feline story.


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