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The Tower: A Novel of Ancient Rome by Elysha

In the heart of ancient Rome, where marble statues guard their secrets and the Senate chambers echo with whispered plots, two lives converge -- a man known as Marcus and the beautiful and reticent Kyra.


The Oracle of Delphi: That Which is Hidden by Elysha
9255/5 (1)00

That Which is Hidden

A Dance of Shadows and Secrets

In the shadow of ancient Greece, Thalia flees her past as a coerced oracle, seeking refuge in Lydia with her enigmatic protector, Kratos. But who is Kratos really? And how much can she trust him? Their evolving relationship intertwines with the rise of Cyrus of Persia, espionage, and a quest to unmask a hidden cabal mastermind. As secrets unravel, Thalia grapples with echoes from her time as an oracle -- a haunting connection that leads them to Delphi itself.


Entanglement by k.p.s.plaha
Part of July Challenge - Sci-Fi challenge

Peter bets on outcomes of events and seeks patterns in things around him but blames it on Quantum Physics. So, when he stumbles on a series of weird coincidences, it leads him to a mundane yet fantastic setting. What, or who, he finds there will change his outlook on life, love, and Physics as we know it.

Rejected Mate by fanxielyn

*White Snake/Silver snake is a legendary spirit a dominant that only rich family can inherit. The master that has this spirit can have an abnormal temperature of the body. When it is near the 12th month the Master will feel agitated, lost, have low temperature due to winter season. The cold temperature can make the Master kill due to low temperature. Only the mate can cure it.


Altarion's Cantos - May your wish come true by Obsydienn

A mysterious stranger makes a striking entrance at the coming-of-age celebration of the Ferhawen heiress. Without warning, without even introducing himself, he captures everyone's attention by inviting young Elyzara to dance a waltz straight out of fairy tales.


The Moon's Permission by duointherain

Gael knew what to expect from life as an Irish gangster in 1915. Jack expected what he knew to be always true, even as he stepped off the train in New York to finish his medical degree. They met in the train station and all bets were off. Their love would become legendary, but not without challenges. Gael belongs to the leader of the gang to start with. Jack’s family is very religious. World War I is looming over the world and one of them isn’t fully human.

Ghost by AsunaH3artfilia

A girl who can see ghosts moves to a small town. A couple is missing. A long time detective is looking for them and his path leads to Skye, the girl who can see ghosts. What will happen when their paths cross?

Rise of the Magi (Book 2 of the Priests and Magi trilogy) by Elysha

Rise of the Magi

Book 2 of the Priests and Magi trilogy.

Shadows stir, and old enemies resurface.


The Covert Crown: A Novel of the Early Roman Republic by Elysha

In the shadows of the early Roman Republic, where power and intrigue intertwine like ivy on ancient columns, a hidden tale unfolds. A brilliant prodigy, her lineage a blend of Etruscan heritage and Roman upbringing, walks Rome’s cobbled streets. Secrets cling to her steps, threatening to unravel the very fabric of Rome.


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