SledgeHammer Goes To Hell



Victor T. Robinson II


This Epic Story is Inspired by Music From Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, T.H.C, Bad Omens, Rose Chronicles, Disturbed, Falling in Reverse, Adele, Seether, Kid Rock, Godsmack, and Disturbed also Inspired by Marvel/Dc Movies and Horror Movies.


Opening Song: The Chosen One by ReckerEans and Dropout Kings.



Part One: Killing Mode


Cameron Ford has been thinking about his life before he met Rachel and before he came to this Dark Universe Which happens in the year 2013 in the other universe known as the Amalgam where all superheroes from Marvel and DC lived together

Dr. Yancy Ford, Cameron's mother/maker now lives in Gotham City. Cameron who was 18 years old at the time lives with her but now Thaddeus Ross and the U.S. army have come for him.

Ross stated to Dr. Ford that they allow Cameron to be with her until he was 18 as a courtesy but now he belongs to the U.S. Army.