Latecomers board the Boeing 737, its engines warming up. It is six o’clock in the morning. The plane gets ready for an early departure from Inverness to London.

Dr. Richard Cowdell checks his wristwatch more than once, oblivious to the intense gaze of the woman sitting next to him. A brilliant sunrise paints the sky orange and the runway sparkles. But nature’s colourful display fails to impress him.

The minutes pass, and Richard’s uneasiness is evident.

“Why are you upset?” the woman touches his arm. “The flight will take off soon.”

Irritated, he tells her: “Not quick enough for me. I’m already late in reaching London and it’s an hour and a half journey.” He is not in the mood for polite conversation.

An expression of sympathy crosses her face as she continues reading the magazine.

Forty-five minutes into the flight, a more relaxed Richard looks at the young woman sitting next to him. She's not his type, but she has a strong aura around her.

“I'm sorry for my past behavior,” he apologizes. “I'm under tremendous stress today.”

“No problem. We all have our moments.” She radiates a bright smile.

“Dr. Richard Cowdell,” he introduces himself and hands her his business card.

“Mary Goldsmith,” she returns the favour. “You're a psychiatrist. Wow! Impressive!” she comments after reading his details.

“I could say the same,” he smiles. “A headhunter! That requires specific skills.” But he misjudges her adeptness, a fatal mistake.

Why didn't I see past her confident presence? He asks himself as they load the body into the hearse. The woman he fell in love with twenty-five years ago when he was on his way to a medical convention.

Both lived in Inverness. After their first introduction on the plane, they dated for a while and got married. Their careers soared to great heights.

A few years into their marriage, Mary’s behavior changed. She became irritable and dissatisfied with her achievements. They decided she should stop working to start a family.

Kevin and Jennifer arrived two years apart. Mary enjoyed staying at home to care for the house and their children. But the career woman turned into an insecure parent and housewife. Their once-intense relationship showed itches and glitches.

And when Richard told her one morning that he wanted to shift to London, she flipped.

She looked at him in disbelief, shocked and hurt.

“Why? We’re happy here. Don’t do this! We’ve got everything we need right here!”

“What is wrong with you?” he argues.

“They offered me a wonderful position at a psychiatric hospital in London. The offer was too good to turn down.”

“Richie! How heartless of you! I don't want to leave this house, nor this city. This is our house! My house! Where I spent twenty-five wonderful years! There are a lot of happy memories buried in this house. My memories, our memories, Richie!” Mary pleaded! She cried with her wounded, bleeding soul.

“Richie! Remember our wedding days! How happy both us and our families were! How affectionate our families were when we met! And our happy days, which were filled with love and affection every moment! Do you want to force me to die in agony? Where have those promises and vows of being together for life gone? Why do you do this to me, Richie! You will bury me alive, Richie? If this happens, I will burn myself to death!

I will burn to the same extent that you have burnt me alive!” Mary cried inconsolably! “You are no longer my loving husband who hugs me in infinite love! You are a traitor, a cheat! Selfish and arrogant. You have shattered me and my feelings! You have killed me while I am still alive! I can't even die in peace now!" Mary's tears did not stop.

"Where is the strong woman I married? Why are you so irrational?" Richard shouted, at the same time knowing he should have consulted with his wife and children.

"You are the psychiatrist," she lashed out. "Figure it out!"

Their arguments escalated. Upset after hearing their parents fight, Kevin and Jennifer chose sides. They didn’t understand why their mother remained adamant.

Mary hoped the children would chose her side. But instead, they tried to convince her to move.

"Mom! Why can't you see the move will bring us happiness!” Kevin retaliated.

“This rare opportunity for Dad will change everything!" Jennifer added. “Mom! Me, Kevin and Dad love you immensely! Please listen, Mom!”

Mary stared at her children with hurt eyes! “My children! You do not want to support your mother. All you want is a life of luxury! You killed your souls! What else can I expect from you! I am a child of my destiny! I want my life! I need my life! You listen to me!”

Their disagreement continued. The tension within the family grew. The conflict and constant arguments broke her spirit. Mary fell into a deep depression. She refused to take medication and Richard was left with no choice but to support his deranged wife.

One morning, when Dr. Richard and the children left the house without saying goodbye, Mary disappeared. Desperate and helpless, leaving behind her beloved home and memories. Deprived of financial support, she ended up in the slums of the city, sleeping under a bridge, carrying the scars of a lifetime in her heart!

Richard searched for her, full of guilt. Why did he let his ambitions ruin their lives? Despite his successful thesis on the human brain and its mental powers, he couldn’t understand Mary’s emotions and wishes. And he hurt his children. He burned with murderous remorse, so deep in his heart that he would never know peace! He was devastated!

“Dad,” Kevin approached him, “we made an unforgivable mistake. We miss Mum. Bring her back. Find her Dad! She needs to know we love her.”

“Yes, Kevin. I will continue to try to find her. The police are looking for her and our friends. Tomorrow, I will visit the shelters. Maybe she is there.”

It was too late. That afternoon he received the devastating news. His friend Paul found Mary's remains among trash cans in a dark alley. She had committed suicide by setting herself on fire the night before. He identified her from the note she had left near her body. A message for her family.

Her death was a deliberate, calculated act. Burning beyond recognition in the fire of revenge.

Punishing those who ruined her life. A wounded and hostile burning soul.

The police submitted Richard to an intense interrogation. But he didn’t care. He worried how he’d tell the children. A daunting task. In the evening he gathered up the courage.

“Kevin, Jennifer, I have news about Mom.”

“It's bad, isn't it?” Kevin guessed. His lips quivered.

“Yes, guys.” Richard's eyes filled with tears. “We've lost her. She took her own life.”

“Oh, Dad! No!” They burst into hysterical tears.

“Where did they find her?” Jennifer sobs.

“In a narrow alley in the city.” He spared them the cause of death.

They hugged and cried for hours. A broken family.

“We’ll pray for her in church tomorrow,” he promised. “Let’s go to bed and rest.”

He kissed them good night.

He spends the next few days planning Mary's funeral and supporting his children through this emotional period of their lives.

As the funeral carriage disappears behind a corner, Richard closes the door behind him.

With teary eyes and a broken heart, he mourns the loss of his beloved wife. However, her death reopens a door once closed - a chance to further his career in London.

Richard finds it challenging as a single parent. And more than once, he asks his sister for help.

Months pass, and they pick up the pieces of their lives.

But at night, Richard is haunted by terrible nightmares. Visions of Mary's emaciated body, burning. Their house is on fire, and the children are screaming for help.

Whether on this earth or in heaven or hell, life leaves everything behind and moves on. That is the law of life and creation. Six months have gone by since Mary burnt herself to ashes. She has settled in the ghost world by her own will. She wants to take her revenge a thousand times more on those living people. And what kind of a revenge! It should go far beyond the limits of terror, pain, and fear. First, she terrorizes everyone, one by one. Then, she keeps them alive to such an extent that they cannot even ask for a painful death. She extorts revenge on her heartless husband while he dreams of a life of luxury.

Richard tries to leave behind the horrifying event and immerses himself in a new venture. He establishes his private hospital with twenty beds in London. He employs qualified colleagues, nurses, and support staff.

Kevin and Jennifer study at the renowned Imperial College in London. They make new friends and live a happy life. But their mother is always on their minds.

Their thoughts strengthen the presence of Mary's spirit, who has remained behind on earth. Her ghost lingers in a large oak tree and amidst the thick bushes of a narrow drain. Her soul burns with the fire of revenge, angry about Richard's ambitions. She makes sure they pay the price for causing her death. Her vengeance is brewing in the afterlife.

The house is for sale. They put it on hold due to Mary's passing, but it is time to move to London. Richard can't stay any longer. They struggle to sell the house.

One night, Richard wakes up. He feels an unusual pressure inside his skull shortly after midnight. He loses control over his body movements. An invisible force grips him. Unable to think or speak, he is weak and vulnerable. He feels himself sinking into a deep, gigantic hole. The next moment, he finds himself on the highest mountain, or as deep as the ocean, ripping through its waters and sinking into the depths of the earth! At times, he can’t breathe. He cries out in pain every second, but no one can hear him. This inhuman torture lasts for four minutes! All of a sudden, the burden and horror eased! Before he could understand what happened, a strange cracking sound began to pulsate from the back of his head!

“Hello, Richie! My heartless husband,” a horrifying voice echoes. “I am going to punish you for your sins! You will burn a thousand times more than I did. You will ask for a painless death, but you will not get it. You will burn, you will burn! You will be immortal! I will never let you die! The sale of our house will not give you peace, I promise you!” She disappears. Silence follows.

The deadly burden on Richard's mind vanishes. But the ghostly terror remains. He trembles and tries to free himself from the inhuman intensity of the fearful apparition. But his efforts are in vain.

Early in the morning, Kevin walks to his father's bedroom. The door is open, and Richard lies face upward on his bed. Kevin screams! “Dad!!!!” His son senses something is wrong and runs into the room.

“Dad? Are you okay? Dad! What happened?” Richard wants to answer, but he can't. He is so scared! His senses have gone dead!

“Jenny! Jenny!” Worried, Kevin runs into Jennifer's bedroom. He throws the door open.

“Oh my God! What happened?” His sister responds, irritated. “Is the house on fire?”

“No, Dad is on fire! He's acting like he's having a seizure!”

“What?” She jumps out of bed.

They both hurry back to their father. He is still lying in the same position!

“Oh my God! What happened? Dad!”

“Dad! Dad! Say something!” Jennifer cried. But Richard remained lying face upward without saying anything and kept looking into the sky with lifeless black eyes.

Terror showed on his face. Kevin and Jennifer both supported their father and made him sit on a chair kept near the window of the room.

Then they tried to persuade their father to speak, but they failed. Troubled, they called the city's well-known psychiatrist and family friend Dr. Peter Howard.

He came over soon after and assessed the situation. Peter called an ambulance. In less than an hour, Richie is admitted to the VIP special room of the Intensive Care Unit of the Trauma Center. After two weeks, Richard spoke for the first time.

“Who are you? Are you an angel? How did I come to this temple?”

Peter immediately understood the case. He started hypnotherapy! After two hours, Richie starts speaking under the effect of the hypnosis. “Richard! What happened? Why are you this scared? Speak, Richie!”

Richard spoke after a few moments, with great difficulty! “She came! Mary will kill me! She came! She came to eat me!”


“I committed a murder.” Richard continued, mournfully.

“Murder? Who did you kill?”

“Mary, my wife! She killed herself, do you remember?”

“Then how did you kill her?”

“I was the reason for her death. I neglected her. And I forced her to leave. We had a big fight before she left.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your friend. I could have helped you resolve your differences.”

“I know Peter, and I’m sorry. But there’s more. She’s tormenting me.”

Richie opens his eyes and stares at his friend. Unsure of his condition.

“You’re feeling guilty, and your mind is playing tricks on you, Richard. Either that or you’re having a burnout. I’ll prescribe a sedative. Relax. Kevin and Jennifer need you. Let me talk to them.”

Peter pats Richie on the shoulder. “You will be fine, Richard. The children are curious to know about you, Richie! I must go to them. You can sleep peacefully now!

He gives some information to the head matron. Back in his office, he explains his findings to Kevin and Jennifer

“Children, your father has suffered a great shock. Do you know what happened last night?”

“No, we did not hear or see anything.”

“I am surprised! Still, he will be fine. Take care of him, children! And concentrate on your studies! Everything seems fine at home, right? Take whatever you need from your aunt! And you must have become friends with Erica and Jimmy by now?”

“Sure!” They smiled.

“Thank you, Uncle Peter. They take good care of us! We both are happy, uncle!”

“Always stay happy, guys,” Peter replies. “See you later.”

Richard steadily feels better. He sees and hears the things around him.

But the haunting of his dead wife leaves a mark. He remembers the events! First, she commits suicide most horribly, and now she has come back to haunt him. His guilt torments him. What is real and what is not? He fails to diagnose his condition.

Mary, whom he loved dearly, has turned into an evil spirit? It's hard to believe, but it seems true. The warnings she gives him are most effective. He fears for his life and that of his children.

A few days later, the medicine works. Richard regains his strength. He tells his children about the incident but doesn't tell them that Mary's ghost came to him and that she poses a threat to them. His psychotic episode frightened them, and Richard didn't want to make things worse. Instead, he explains to them that he is overworked and promises to rest for a while.

Mary watches from beyond the grave. From the otherworldly realm, she waits to deal Richard the final death blow.

At first, she torments the family, scratching at the walls and moving and throwing objects. She whispers in Richard’s ear while he sleeps! She tucks him in bed and makes love to him! Sometimes, Mary makes him experience the excruciating pain of being burned to death!

Sometimes, she makes him feel as if he is stung by countless scorpions! Richie cries out, begging for his death! He feels trapped in a vicious cycle of tragedy in his own life, and that of his children! He sees no escape!

He is at his wit's end and seeks advice from Peter. He tells Peter that he cannot live much longer with his children under the terror of his ghostly wife. He tells him this today.

“You and the children are suffering from post-traumatic stress,” Peter explains. “Take a vacation, go away for a while. Let it go, Richard.”

“But that's not possible, Peter. Mary keeps triggering her presence.”

“Do you believe in ghosts now, Richie?”

“Yes, after what I have heard and seen in the last four weeks, I do. This is not our imagination, Peter! Mary's spirit is out of control!”

“If so, then consult a priest. A priest who can exorcise.”

“Can we return to Inverness, Peter? I thought about it again and again! Why don't I return to our roots? Maybe then the soul of my lovely wife will get peace.

Richie bursts into tears. Peter lets him cry for a while. A teardrop falls from Mary's eyes. Kevin and Jennifer join them and try to console their dad.

“You should leave tomorrow morning,” Peter agrees.

“Yes. Thanks, Peter.”

Once they return, Richard gets a disturbing phone call from a former neighbour.

“Richard, George Maddock here. I have sad news. I think you had better sit down.”

“What happened?”

“Do you remember who bought your house?”


“They told me they want to give your house back to you without giving any reason.”

“Thanks for telling me, George. Will you keep me updated?”

“Sure, no problem. I will talk to you soon. Goodbye.”


A few days later, Richard buys their original home back, even though he has to pay double the price. He declares it the Mary Memorial Medical Charitable Foundation for poor people and an animal hospital. His new venture is in memory of his wife.

“Mary, can you forgive us all and give us your holy blessings?”

A door slams shut, and windows rattle. “How can I ever forgive you, Richard!” a whisper follows, accompanied by a cold mist.

This time, Richard turns to his mobile phone and makes a call.

“Father Mahoney? I am Dr. Richard Cowdell. I have a question. Can you please free Mary's divine soul from ghost life? She has been haunting me ever since she passed away.”

Father Mahoney said lovingly: “Of course, Richard. I have known your family for so long. That is the least I can do!”

Along with Peter, Richard waits for Father Mahoney.

When he arrives at the house, he learns about the incidents. They agree not to tell Kevin and Jennifer the details.

Father Mahoney brought olive leaves and holy water. He burns the leaves on a saucer and sprinkles the holy water around the house. He then prays. “Holy Father, I call upon you. Help bring the entangled soul of Mary Goldsmith to light.”

He draws a circle on the floor with a black cloth cutter. “Mary Goldsmith, give up your attachment to this house. My dear child, we all have our destiny, decided by the accumulation of our karma. It is time for you to go! You shall get liberated, my dear child!”

A white cloud floats in, and an image of a woman appears. “Mary?”

“Holy Father, my soul was suffering. I was hurt. I am relieved now that my family has returned.”

“God has set you free, my child. A beautiful afterlife awaits you, my child!”

“I am leaving, my dear Richie! Take care of them! Thank you, Father. Tell them I love them, and that I am sorry for what I did.”

Mary’s voice fades. She appears in her human form. She hovers in the air and looks at them with her sweet eyes! Then, slowly, she floats upward. Richards watches with teary eyes when Mary disappears into thin air.

Father Mahoney sighs.

“Thank you, my Lord.”