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Hello, my name is Kevin Keas and I have been writing fantasy and sci-fi stories for a while now and have decided to start writing full-time. I have just finished my first novel and just started working on the second taking place in the fantasy world of AshFyr. I am fifty-three years old and reside in a small coastal community in Newfoundland, Canada.

Hodges cove, Newfoundland, Canada

AshFyr by KCKeats

AshFyr, a continent in turmoil as the Crimson Moon Valley is thrown into turmoil when the magic tiara of the ancients is stolen. Goblins now roam the valley causing havoc and turmoil for all its races and creatures while unknown to everyone, a secret porthole has opened and two unsuspecting teens come through throwing them into an adventure they soon will not forget. Elves, goblins, and the other races of the Crimson Moon Valley will have to work together to resolve the turmoil, or will the valley fall into chaos, due to the theft of the magic tiara? Join the characters as they meet new friends and enemies, find adventures in the valley, and try to stop all the turmoil.

The Quest by KCKeats

Evangeline put her hand on the small, golden, half-heart-shaped locket that hung around her neck and thought back to the day she found it in an abandoned little house on the outskirts of the great marsh. She had taken refuge there when a sudden mudstorm came up and that is when she found the locket around the neck of a small skeleton clinging to her mother. As she opened the clasp, a small data chip fell into her hand, and a small portrait inside it of a little girl. As she held it in her hand, she noticed it was only half a heart and another half to it when she looked at the data chip. She reached into the small leather bag that hung from her side, brought for a small data reader, and inserted the chip into it. The little data reader came to life when she inserted the chip and after some small beeps, a small holographic image appeared which looked like a map of the old city which lay in the forbidden desert. Then a series of numbers and letters appeared which looked like coordinates and then a note: Go to the following coordinates and you shall find the answer to which all seek. Then the data-reader went silent except for the coordinates to where to go. That was three weeks ago and now Eva had managed to gather all the supplies she needed for her trip, then she looked at the map one more time and hopped onto her windspeeder.

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