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Brianna Rae Quinn was born in Cleveland, Ohio. From a young age, she developed a love for art and writing, creating her first pieces of poetry as young as five years old. She wrote and illustrated her own short stories, promising herself to one day become an author.

Since then, Quinn has been writing and creating art as a hobby, taking several creative writing classes and beginning her own YouTube channel, "BrieIY", in college which she has used as a platform to document her growth as a creator.


Cleveland, Ohio

Fake It Till You Make It by BR.Quinn
CompleteMaturePremium StoryPaid StoryContemporaryYoung Adult

VIRGIN VIOLET. That's what they'd call her. Well, not for long. With sex being all anyone ever talks about, Violet takes the first opportunity she sees to lose her v-card, and it was...



Never Cried Wolf by BR.Quinn
CompleteMaturePremium StoryPaid StoryContemporaryYoung Adult

Sam and Mona were attached at the hip, that was until Sam made a move that brought out the worst in both of them. When these two reconnect in a creative writing class two years later, their festering grudges resurface in two very different ways. Sam can’t seem to let go of the past to experience the present, and Mona is so violently stuck in the present that she doesn’t consider what the future might hold.

In a tale of revenge, trust, and perspective, it's easy to see how the truth can be twisted, even when you've never cried wolf.

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