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Charles is a man from the year 2018. A normal life, a normal world, until he one day starts feeling sick when he goes to the principals office again. With the sickness hitting him, he wakes up in a world where the young man doesn't even recognize his own mother. Charles races against the clock as his memories fade fast, trying to find his way back to his home world, Rather in this new 1958 timeline he was sucked into. Can Charles ever find his way home?

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Cam Roze

Cam Roze put their debut novel to their career as an author in 2022. The first novel was The Draconus Wars, The first novel of the mega-series in the making, An Abrupt Incitement. Join the endless adventures that Cam Roze is putting into their works. Some of which take place in fantasy worlds of twists to the standard form of the genre. 

With this author on the rise with every new story and release, they wish to pursue the goal of breaking the world record of most fictitious works released in an author's career. Which means they won't be putting on the breaks anytime soon!

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