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Created by davidkcyip

MagNanoTron, a Bond of Brothers Thriller by RJS_Writing

. Back at Devcom, the big day came for Androvski and Darious Patel. They were finishing the last touches on the Magnanotron, and getting things ready for testing at the Maryland, Aberdeen proving grounds. They had a specially designed, 600-volt generator set up, connected to their device, and had hooked up several connectors to a sensor-filled test dummy, which was sitting in front of a large concrete-and-steel wall. The dummy looked like a man dressed in Army formals, holding a rifle. There was also a series of cameras set up, to film the entire demonstration. Out in the distance was big brass, including Special Forces Commander Ryan and Chief of Staff General Stanis.

Androvski was excited as he did a final check on everything, then looked at his trusted friend Darious Patel.


An Electric Heart by CamRoze

An older teen girl aims to not only take in her father's footsteps of being a knight, but become a full fledged Elemental-Knight. With the Elemental-Knights, wars are prevented and even won, bringing honor to any who serve.

Fire Of Revenge by YogeshBhatt
1555/5 (1)02

Latecomers board the Boeing 737, its engines warming up. It is six o’clock in the morning. The plane gets ready for an early departure from Inverness to London.

Dr. Richard Cowdell checks his wristwatch more than once, oblivious to the intense gaze of the woman sitting next to him. A brilliant sunrise paints the sky orange and the runway sparkles. But nature’s colourful display fails to impress him.


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