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Hello! I’m Connie Newell, a California-based author, who has carved out a niche for myself in the literary world with my self-published cookbooks and children's literature. My creative journey doesn't stop at writing; I’m also the mastermind behind a series of engaging coloring books, blending my love for art with my storytelling skills. When I’m not penning my next book or sketching for my coloring projects, I indulge in a variety of hobbies that reflect my multifaceted interests. I have a passion for reading that spans genres, and crafts poetry that captures the essence of my observations and experiences. Drawing and coloring are not just pastimes but extensions of my creative expression, while my interest in crafts showcases my hands-on approach to artistry. Beyond the realms of literature and art, I have an intriguing interest in mathematics, particularly enjoying the challenge of unraveling math tricks and delving into various formulas, including those in the pharmaceutical field or strangely flying formulas (I don’t even like being in a plane.). This unique blend of interests highlights my versatile talent and insatiable curiosity, making a distinctive voice 


Connie has not written a story.