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I am a fledgling writer. I am bursting with a novel series i have begun which is daunting to say the least. It deals with our origins, with the newest tech , with loyalty dedication and hopeful message to inspire the visionaries of our future. Encapsulated in a wildly adventursome tale loaded with thought provoking surprises , previously un considered viewpoints, likable charachters who must trans form under pressures that are very relatable despite the fact that a whole new world is being born in their midst . Loaded with the kind of “ magic” that still exists in this world despite any realists argument to the contrary. I have strive to allow only these thing which have a root in humanities history of victories and defeats. And be creative in a very honest way to not include things which i do not consider to be true. I make up stories to inspire real life but i will not tell a lie or be inconsiderate of the consequences of fostering thought in individuals when the ones i hope to read this will be inspired to lead humanity into a new renaissance. Obviously, this needs to be written or i will have missed the point of my existence. There fore collaboration is becoming an option to be considered.

Columbia MO

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