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Jerry is an 80 year old freelance writer who lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He was born and raised on three family farms in upstate New York. He has been a certified, card carrying bookworm since the age of eight. Although he loved to read both fiction and nonfiction, he had no desire to become a writer. In fact, he hated anything to do with writing when he was in school. He planned to spend his life designing and building things, but like most well laid plans of mice and men, his plan was derailed when he was blindsided by the writer's bug at the age of thirty. He discovered his love for writing when he agreed to design and write a course on residential electrical wiring for a friend who taught at a vocational high school. Since then, he has written non fiction articles on everything from pet care to avionics and ghostwritten books for the construction trades. Today, retired, he writes simply because he enjoys writing.

Jackson Hole Wyoming

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