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Hello! My name is Harmony and I'm a aspiring, painfully introverted, author. I'd offer a fun fact, but there aren't many! My favorite shows (meaning I re-watch these over, and over and over) are Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Law and Order: SVU, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy and Bones! Basically everything to possibly get to know about me is explained by my unquenchable obsession in those comfort shows. I'm quite the boring person who thoroughly enjoys a good heartbreak and jam session. Oh, and I'm music obsessed! I make playlists for just about everything and have a "creativity" playlist that's 10 hours and counting! Social media really isn't for forte, so I practically lurk on every site I'm a part of, but there's always hope for the future. . .right?

Harmony has not written a story.